Sterling Silver BFF Charm for Cell Phones or Best Friends Necklaces

Sterling Silver Best Friends Forever "BFF" Charms for Phones and Best Friend Necklaces

These sterling silver BFF charms make perfect inexpensive gifts for your best friend. They are small and cute pieces of best friend jewelry but can be bought for only a couple of dollars. These best friend charms are made from sterling silver, so they're very durable and hardy pieces of best friend jewelry, too. You can give your best friend one of these BFF charms so they can hang them on their cell phone as a phone charm, or even string them on a lanyard to make a personal best friend necklace. If you have a couple of close friends you want to buy presents for, you can buy a couple of BFF charms and string them yourself to make a handful of inexpensive best friend necklaces. Everyone appreciates getting a cute piece of best friend jewelry from one of their closest companions. Everytime they use their cell phone to text and see your BFF charm, or every time they wear their best friend necklace made from your sterling silver BFF pendant, they will think of you and your friendship.

Other Great Ideas for Using Sterling Silver BFF Charms as Best Friend Jewelry Pieces

These versatile sterling silver BFF charms are so great because they're not only inexpensive but also because they can be used in so many different ways. You can use sterling silver BFF charms to bedazzle a jean jacket, make an impromptu best friends bracelet, decorate the bands of flip-flops or even attach them to your backpack zippers so it's easier to zip and unzip a compartment. BFF charms can also be bought online and shipped directly to your best friend so they can receive a nice little surprise in the mail that lets them know you're thinking of them and how much your friendship means to them. When you're looking for an inexpensive best friend gift for your closest pal, you can never go wrong with these little sterling silver BFF charms.

Are you going to be hosting a party or birthday celebration anytime soon? Slip a sterling silver BFF charm into every goodie bag so your guests can each go home with a pleasant surprise to remind them of the good time they had at your party. Are you a parent that's going to be hosting several kids for a big playdate or celebration? Stock up on sterling silver BFF charms and hand them out as rewards each time someone completes a fun scavenger hunt or wins a special challenge. You can even use them as chips for playing a friendly game of cards or a board game when you want to sweeten the pot without encouraging the actual betting of money. Sterling silver BFF charms can even be made into earrings and other classic pieces of best friend jewelry. Although some nice pieces of best friend jewelry are prohibitively expensive, especially when you need to buy them for several people at once, you can always get the job done inexpensively by buying a handful of sterling silver BFF charms and hanging them on little metal hooks to make quick and easy best friend earrings. The possibilties for BFF charms are basically limitless so long as you use your imagination.