Wear a Steve Atwater Throwback Jersey and show your Denver Bronco historical pride.

Steve Atwater made a career out of obliterating NFL offensive superstars, and you can make that same statement by wearing a Steve Atwater jersey with the famous "Number 27." These are perfect for any occasion, ranging from a game day in Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium to watching the game with some buddies in your own living room. And they're tough enough to withstand a rough backyard football game or the rigors of your washer and dryer.

Steve Atwater Jersey - A Perfect Replica

Steve Atwater JerseyWhen you're ready to show your Denver Broncos allegiance, one of these Steve Atwater Jerseys will fit the bill nicely. They're made by Reebok (the same company that makes jerseys for the NFL), so you can be sure that you're wearing the same uniform that the famous Broncos safety wore as he destroyed unassuming receivers and running backs on Sundays.

These jerseys come in the following sizes: Medium, Large, XL and XXL, and they tend to fit a little looser than an average shirt (though I wouldn't recommend trying to fit them over any shoulder pads). As a throw-on jersey, they're perfect since they'll fit over a long-sleeved tee shirt without any problems.

What about quality? These are very well made. They're built to the same tolerances as the modern NFL jerseys (remember that Reebok makes pro football jerseys for every team in the league, so they know a think or two about making tough outerwear). They are also accurate in both design, color scheme, font and even name tag as the ones worn by Steve Atwater when he and the Denver Broncos won two Super Bowls.

You can purchase a Steve Atwater Jersey online at Amazon.com or any sports memorabilia store.

Why Buy A Steve Atwater Jersey?

I know what you're probably thinking: Why should I buy the jersey of a player who retired years ago? For the same reason people still love John Elway Jerseys. Denver Broncos fans are a true-to-their-roots bunch of fans, and still support the players who laid the foundation for Mile High success.

And what Elway was to the Denver offense, Atwater was to the defense. The man was a menace. As a free safety who played more like a middle linebacker (both in size and strength), Atwater terrorized wide receivers and running backs his entire career. For that matter, he struck fear into quarterbacks as well, considering the Broncos often used him in their complicated blitzes - but even when he wasn't blitzing he'd make quarterbacks pay by intercepting any errant pass.

It's almost impossible to count how many great hits he dished out during his career. But who can forget "the hit" that made him famous, when he annihilated Christian Okoye, the 260-pound "Nigerian Nightmare" on national TV. At the time, Okoye was a much-hyped running back with the Kansas City Chiefs, and had built a reputation for plowing through defenders like a bowling ball through pins. But when Atwater met him coming out of the backfield, it was Okoye who toppled.

Here's a little video evidence:

Atwater's huge hits had an enormous impact on the game. Denver's opponents frequently adjusted their offensive plays to avoid him, and often called receiver routes away from him. And several former NFL wide receivers who played against Atwater have admitted to altering their routes to stay away from him.

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