Steve Carell is an amazing actor, great person and a hero with his characteristic humor. From his presence on "the daily show" to his role as the socially unaware boss NBC's "The Office" or his role on "The 40 Year Old Virgin" his acting and humor is hard not to notice. It is also shocking to see him pull off totally different characters in the different ventures he is part of. His personal life and relations to the tabloids and media is also notable. He is truly one of the most underrated mainstream actors in modern entertainment.

Carell has had a significant presence on television. His first major role was as an correspondent on "The Daily Show". He was a part of this from 1999 to 2005. From this he gained attention and was given the lead role on a series that has had a huge success in the past few years "The Office". He plays the role of the regional manager of a failing midrange paper supply company, Michael Scott. The show was an adoption of a British series but after a few episodes it was clear that Carell would bring a very personal and unique character in Michael Scott. Now the show has gone past the plot of the British series and started making it's own plot. The facial expressions, confessional soliloquys, and delivery of Carell, along with co-stars John Krazinski and Rainn Wilson have made "The Office" a hit show on prime time television.

Carell has also acted in many movies. One of his most popular movies that is also significant because he produced and wrote it is "The 40 Year Old Virgin". The title of the movie explains its content and it was a huge success. He also has been in recent films such as "Horton Hears a Who", "Get Smart" and "Dan in Real Life" that have done well with the critics and in box office performance. While an actor can be criticized for playing similar characters in all of his or her works, this is not the case for Carell. Carell excels at playing different types of characters: the idiosyncratic, socially unaware boss of the office is an entirely different person from the sensitive contemplative person shown in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" or "Dan in Real Life". In addition, when Carell stars in a less that spectacular work like "Evan Almighty" or some of the later episodes of the office, critics agree that his acting is never subpar and often complement him on doing wonders with lackluster plot or story writing. This consistence of quality is very rare.

Carell is very mature in the light of the media. He refuses to address issues of political view in interview and does not participate in the political games of celebrities. He has a wife, Nancy, who he worked with on the daily show. They have had two children together and have been married for over nine years, which is commendable. Nancy sometimes appears with him in films or television. Carell owns a small grocery store in Marshfield, Massachusetts, which hits a personal note for me. Knowing this gives me a slight feeling of jealousy because the owner of the store I work at is not nearly as cool as Steve Carell. Carell is also a talented singer and many of his works show of his great tenor voice. He is a skilled hockey player as shown in an episode of "The Office"

Not many actors today can have the same things said about them as Steve Carell can. His impressive list of works firmly establish him as a mainstay in modern comedy. His image provides an example for Americans and other celebrities on how to be professional in both personal and social life. Movies and shows with him are highly recommended as he truly is a hero of society.