Harvey Loses it Onstage

Harvey has had a very successful career as actor, radio show host, comedian, author, and current host of Family Feud. He has a syndicated radio show, "The Steve Harvey Morning Show." Steve is also a  best selling author. “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” hit the New York Times Best Seller List April 29, 2012. It stayed at #1 for 23 weeks. It was also adSteve Harvey 08Credit: wikimedia commonsapted into a movie that knocked "The Hunger Games" out of the Box-Office top position.

As a birthday surprise from his production crew, he received a phone call from an old friend, wishing him a happy birthday.  Rich Liss, and his wife Becky who he had lost contact with over the years, helped Harvey when he was just starting in his career.

As soon as he realized who was on the line, he got very choked up and emotional and tried to regain his composure. After a brief few moments, he told everyone how these people had helped him, by giving him a carpet cleaning contract at their  furniture store. They also gave him a free travel account the following year so he could make it to his gigs as a stand-up comedian.

Liss, wished him a happy birthday and asked, "Do you still love me,baby?" Harvey replied, "I love you man", choking back tears. Harvey then told Liss he was sending a plane to fly them in for the show in Chicago. As a man that is worth an estimated 85 million, (according to Rich.org) Harvey seems to be as average as your next door neighbor.

If there is any wonder why Steve Harvey is such a popular celebrity, a lot of it is probably due to his  straight talking, humorous, and honest demeanor. Harvey is one of those rare celebrities who never forgot where he came from or how he got there. He seems to appreciate his successful career and yet remains humble about it.