Steve Madden Intyce Boots

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The Steve Madden intyce Boots are pull on style boots made from high quality leather and with a rubber sole The shaft is about 15 inches from the arch and they have a 1 inch discreet heel. The boot opening measures around 14 inches long and the quality of material used shows you that these are substantially strong pair of boots!

Many women were extremely pleased with their pair of the Steve Madden Intyce riding boots. Most said they had the most compliments ever whilst wearing them and some said they didn't want the winter to end as they enjoyed wearing them so much. A lot of women like the fact that these go great with so many outfits. They look especially good with skinny jeans tucked into them or with a long skirt too.

The best thing about wearing the Steve Madden Intyce boots is that you will know you are wearing quality. There is a reason why STEVEN is one of the most popular brands of the 21st century when it comes to footwear and it is their ability to consistently deliver quality. There boots very often last most customers up to as much as 3-4 years and that is with a lot of use too. When you wear these boots you need to be prepared for all the compliments you get as you might actually get tired of accepting them, or maybe not!

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