What is S-T-E-W-I-N-G?

The Connection to Parking at the Gym

A favorite pastime of mine is attending step classes at a local gym.  One morning, the instructor told the class that observing how people park at the gym provides a daily amusement for her. It is a large facility with a correspondingly spacious parking lot.  Noted by the teacher wParking Spaceas the fact that people vie for the “best” parking spaces, those closest to the front door.  Her amusement centers on the fact that people are at the gym for the purpose of exercising.  Why then is it that the desired spaces are the closest ones versus the furthest out which would allow the most exercise?  I took her thoughts to heart.  I now park at the furthest possible row available from the entry point to the building. Otherwise, I could be spotted doing otherwise by the watchful instructor!

The whole conversation sparked a thought process for me.  Notably two reasons must exist for members waiting for a close-up place which is anti-exercise minded.  Habit I suppose forms the first reason.  People do instinctively look for convenience in all endeavors.  The second reason is the most intriguing one to me.  People do not see walking to entry from their cars as exercise.  It does not “qualify” as enough exercise to impact attainment of  their goal. One obtains fitness a single step at a time. In fact, a person attains all goals via addition of single step decisions.

What if everyone took on a new thought process in goals for which they reach?  Call the process “stewing.”  That stands for Seeing the End While Inching Nearer Goals. Think about it.  The person needs to SEE or visualize the end goal as if the one small step towards it gets them wholly to the end goal.  That visualization promotes an immediate change in decisions made.

We need adopt the habit of “stewing” in multiple facets of our lives. While parking at the gym, “stewing” would need the driver to park as far away as possible to inch towards that fitness end goal as they walk to the door. The thought process should have the driver imagine that the little action in itself of parking far away was the entire goal for the minute.  The image is this   If one parked at the furthest point out, that they would reach their goal weight by the time they got to the door! If people could envision that, I guess there would be no furthest-row-out spots available but lots of room at the front! Those small steps progress add up to that final goal!  I know, would not it be nice if just that one little walk did get them to the entire goal of loosing thirty pounds or so.  Oh well, this is not an article on magic!

Multiple examples exist of how “stewing” helps meet goals. Everyone it seems is one a diet today.  How often is the dieter derailed because of one wrong decision on what to eat within the day?  It is not that the cupcake in itself that destroyed the diet for the day.  Rather, the dieter gave up the healthy dream after eating that cupcake. Frustration  urged them to finished off the Cheetos and ice cream thinking the day was a loss.  That dieter needed to adopt the habit of “stewing.”  They would then see the end while inching nearer the goal of weight loss in the mere act of ignoring the cupcake or the Cheetos, or the ice cream.  The insight needed is that which sees ignoring that one item as getting them to that total goal. One needs vision.  It is all the little steps that become the progress monitors. If a person truly visualized that ignoring the one cupcake as a solitary act got them to their total weight loss goal, that cupcake would go untouched.

I cannot resist giving one more “stewing” example.  Think about the student who makes decisions daily about how much time or energy needs devoting to each assignment.   Students need to start “stewing.”  Each and every assignment or step needs approaching as if it the full and final report card  or semester grade depended on that one step. Watch those averages increase!

OK, it is confession time.  I  live a block from the gym.  Why am I even in a car at all in that parking lot?   Rather, I  should walk from home as does my husband when he goes there to swim laps.  Stewing will begin tomorrow morning on that one!  Good luck “stewing” on whatever goals are at hand!