Every woman has, in her closet, a few pairs of stiletto high heels. They are sexy and elegant, perfect for special occasions, but also for a business suit. Stiletto high heels are versatile items. Considering the height of the heel and the cut of the shoes or sandals, you can wear them with all your outfits. For the office, you can pick a moderate height, but, for special occasions, like a fancy party or dinner, you can afford wearing spectacular, very high heels.


Why Everyone Looks Great Wearing Stiletto High Heels

This type of shoe makes everyone to look great and transforms a regular outfit in a truly exquisite one. Stiletto high heels make you look taller, slimmer and draw a lot of attention to the feet area. Because of the high heels, you feet will appear to be longer and every muscle is visible – it’s not comfortable, but it’s really attractive. When wearing high heels, you need to keep your back very straight and to push the chest area forward, to keep your balance. This posture instantly transforms you in a real diva. Whether you are tall or short, thin or heavy, stiletto high heels will work for you. You just need to adjust the height of the heels to your own figure. Extremes don’t look good together. So, if you are very should or unusually tall, don’t pick very high heels, they will make you look funny. Short ladies are the ones that make this common mistake: they buy really high heels, trying to compensate for the small stature. But a big contrast between the heels and the height of a person it’s really not appealing. The right strategy is to choose stiletto high heels that are not over the top - around two inches. The same rule applies if you are taller then average.


When To Wear Stiletto High Heels And For How Long

You can wear stiletto high heels virtually everywhere and in any moment of the day. It’s all in the height of the heels: in the morning, to the office, or if you go out for a special lunch, you should pick moderate height. If you go to a cocktail or dinner party, you can definitely put on the most spectacular stiletto high heels that you have.

However, you need to be careful with those shoes. Wearing them every day, at work, and in the evenings, when you go out, puts a lot of pressure on your feet and on your entire body. A lot of women are so used with wearing high heels all the time, that they don’t feel tired or uncomfortable at the end of the day. But, even if you think you can wear them all day long, you should know that’s really not a good idea. Stiletto high heels are not the kind of shoes you should wear on regular basis, especially if you spend a lot of time standing or walking. You might end up hurting your feet and affecting your posture. This will translate in back pains, swallow feet and other problems. You should reserve your stiletto high heels for the days when you really want to make an impression. Alternate them with regular, comfortable shoes - if you put high heels two or three times per week, you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant side effects. But, if you wear them every day, all day, sooner or later you will experience pain and discomfort in your feet and lower back. Looking at the products on Amazon will yield some of the best prices on high heeled stilettos that you may like.


How To Pick The Right Stiletto High Heels

Don’t buy low quality shoes: you really shouldn’t start saving money on accessories that are very important for the way you look. A good pair of shoes is the difference between an elegant, classy outfit and a common, cheap looking one.  Good quality shoes not only that look better, but they can be worn for a long time, without becoming out if style or losing the shape. Leather high heels shoes will last for years, if you maintain them properly, so you can spend a little more money on them.

When you are shopping for stiletto high heels shoes, you need to make sure you can walk while wearing them. If you buy a pair of really uncomfortable shoes and every step is painful, you won’t feel good and you won’t look good. So, take the time to check if they really fit: put both of them on and take at least a few steps before buying them.