iPad (21363)

I know I was for a while; I was all over the place with how I felt about the gadget when it was very first announced. I own and have owned Apple items, but usually take into account myself a PC individual and a lot more recently Android. This being the case I discovered it effortless to focus on the negatives of the unit rather than the easy elegance it contains. This all changed when I dabbled around using a co-workers iPad. I instantly found myself addicted to playing with the sleek gadget. I finally had to buy the product to put an end to my random trips to retailers just to test it out some a lot more.

The iPad isn't for everybody and does have its flaws. The principal issues are lack of flash support, lack of true multitasking, and no camera. The camera I found surprising, but honestly it's not some thing I would use much anyway. Not having flash support hasn't been as bad as I initially thought so far. Nonetheless if you do visit lots of sites that rely on flash you may want to be certain this gadget can serve your purpose. I do get annoyed by those flash plug-in required boxes though. I think it actually comes down to what you want to obtain out with the gadget to determine whether these are actually concerns at all.

Potential problems aside, in my opinion the pros definitely outweighed the cons. Most of all I love having a gadget handy that boots in seconds if I desire to look one thing up or watch a quick video. Of course once this happens it's hard to put down. It is quite effortless to get lost browsing the extensive app store or playing a game. The eBook reader is amazing and there's also a kindle app if that's a lot more your style.

The specs include a 9.7 inch LED display with a 1024 by 768 resolution. The iPad is powered by the custom designed Apple A4 1ghz processor and the battery is rated at 10 hours. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to spend 10 hours straight with it. In case you do have the means I extremely recommend purchasing an iPad. I only wish I had done so sooner.