Baby Senses Development with Toys

Is Your Child Safe? Toy Safety for Children Up to 12 Months of Age


Although many people believe that babies between six and twelve months of life are still unaware of their environment, it has been confirmed that they normally reflect what they are feeling through their facial expressions, smile and during the constant crying. This is the way they communicate with their parents, siblings and others, and the main reason why they normally cry when an unfamiliar person try to hold them; their sense of smells is still developing at this age as they are still discovering new aromas, scents and flavors through food. Their sight is getting better little by little and by the time they are 6 months they can see the difference between a sad and a happy face and at 12 months old they start perceiving different colours.

This is probably one of the most important phases of their life and the perfect opportunity to help them develop their social and cognitive skills, for example the soft IQ blocks teaches them cause and effect, this is when they start making intelligent decisions by comparing the different colors, forms and sounds of the blocks - all their senses will be involved with this entertaining toy as they will start building a tower just to knock it down a few minutes later, they will curiously trying to differentiate the different sounds of the block and choosing their favorite color.

Should You Left Your Baby Cry

Baby can express up to five different emotions when crying: fear, joy, surprise, anger and sadness. It is important to start paying attention of what they are trying to communicate and as a general rule parents should be careful not to respond to crying beyond of what it is really necessary, especially when your child is over six months. Learning their facial and vocal expressions is not an easy task but you will soon realize the reason why your baby is crying, you should not left your baby cry for long period of times but remember not to over do it, they will always cry and you don’t want to enhance the tears by teaching them to cry to get what they want – their emotional development will be based on the attention you give them and promoting positive feelings and capacities to the detriment of the negatives ones should be your priority.


Introducing Water to Babies

Baby Spring Foat Sun CanopyCredit: AmazonThere are many benefits by introducing your baby to water, it will help to develop their physical skills and boots their confidence by being exposed to a completely different environment; it encourages them to swim at a very early age and has the added benefit of improving their muscle development and sleeping patterns. If you have already make this important decision, it is vital to find the perfect support to help your child during this process. Amazon is probably the best place to find any product for your kids, they normally give you clear indications of the toy, plus you can read reviews from other parents and their experiences. The Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy by Swimways is probably one of the best you will find, with a customer approval of 4.5 out of 5 stars and the dual inflation chamber and low seat for enhanced security will provide the support your baby need and the peace of mind that your baby is safe.


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