Stingray leather wallets, purses, handbags, belts, and shoes are exotic fasion items made from this coveted leather. There are many design possiblities with stingray leather, with its unique patterned texture and durability. Stingray leather wallets are a fashionable choice that will make a statement every time you grab the dinner bill.

Stingray is a species of fish related to the shark; the leather made from its skin has been used throughout history, most notably in Japan, for everything from armor and sword handle wraps to high quality wallets, handbags, and other ornamental items. In Thailand, stingray leather wallets and belts are as common as regular cow leather wallets, belts etc in other countries. Stingray leather is as tough and durable as hard plastic and even a metal file cannot scratch it. The leather is often dyed black and covered with tiny round bumps in the natural pattern of the back ridge of an animal. These bumps are then usually dyed white to highlight the decoration. Color treatment and special polishing techniques make the final leather appear like luminous pearls. The leather produced this way is exotic, outstanding but also elegant.

Stingray leather is used for more than just wallets, and you can find stingray leather belts, handbag, and other exotic souvenirs made from stingray skin. These exotic leather wallets and belts will certainly make a great gift, being both long lasting and elegant. The stingray leather wallets, handbags and belts look very attractive and stylish. They can definitely add richness and elegance to the most ordinary outfit and clothing. These exotic leather accessories will definitely impress, while being practical in the same time.

Stingray leather wallets, handbags and purses etc are gaining popularity in many countries around the world due to their unique beauty and reputation as made of the world's most durable leather. The tanning process produces a balanced mix of softness and toughness that is water, fire and tear resistant. Very easy to maintain and, even if subjected to severe soiling, the surface can be scrubbed with ordinary household detergent and then just wiped with a damp cloth.

We all eat fish and know it for its culinary value but a fish used for wallets, purses, handbags etc can bother many of us, especially the animal protection supporters. But stingray is not an endangered species and there are no restrictions on the manufacture or sale of items made from this skin, as many stingrays used for commercial purposes are farm raised. So, whether you buy stingray leather wallets or handbags, do not let it weigh on your conscience.