Delicious stir fry recipes use a special method to prepare thin, match stick vegetables. Chinese stir fry and Thai stir fry become uncomplicated when you learn how to do this method of cooking.

Appetizing recipes, such as asparagus tofu stir fry, are thought of as healthier than regular fried food. This is because a minute amount of oil at high temperature is used to quickly sear the food. This way, a smaller amount of oil is absorbed by the food and fewer nutrients are lost from the food because the cooking time is short.

If you are cutting vegetables such as Japanese bamboo shoots for stir fry recipes by hand, grasp the knife at right angles to the cutting surface and slice straight down through the vegetables and away from your body. The vegetables used in scrumptious cooking have to be thin, preferably as thin as match sticks, so that they will cook faster and be more flavorful and tender. Thin vegetable cuts are also used in Asian soups.

People who do a lot of Asian cooking or like to prepare appetizing Asian meals usually prefer to invest in a mandoline. People who travel to Asia to teach EFL often leave with at least one new cooking tool. A mandoline produces more precise cuts of vegetables and fruit. For this reason, it is preferred when cooking a great deal of food that involves stir frying.

A mandoline set usually contains a slim julienne blade, a coarse grater and a thick julienne blade. With these cutting edges, straight cuts and waffle cuts can be made. The slices are uniform. This makes the stir fry visually appealing and easier to consume. Additionally, with the equal sizes of the slices, the cooking time is kept uniform.
Ginger or garlic can be sliced with a minute mandoline blade and added directly to the oil for flavor.

Many vegetables-onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, carrots- can be utilized in these dishes. Stir beef or chicken recipes more often than not consist of three parts vegetables to 1 part meat. Select the vegetables that you will use in delicious stir fry recipes equally for taste and the richness in color that you want your dish to have.

Meat, which takes the greatest time to cook, should be added before any of the vegetables. The vegetables which take longer to cook, such as sweet peppers, should be added to the wok later than the meat.