Whenever you browse the Internet, whether you are reading or searching for any text-rich web entry (blogs, news, articles, newsletters, etc.), you always stumble upon a certain text supplied with pictures. For example, if you are reading an article about employment, you always find a photo of a handshake or a man in a coat-and-tie smiling at the camera while his eyes are looking elsewhere. If you are skimming through a blog entry talking about how you can retain the services of a personal injury attorney, then you may see a picture of a flipped vehicle on the road. The pictures that you see in these entries are called stock photos. What are they? Why are they in all web entries you can think of in the first place?

Stock photos and their importance

     Photographs, as many people would say, speak a thousand words. This is what web administrators, bloggers, and article writers always have in their minds: photos add more glamour to a certain text. This is so because photos related to the theme or subject of a certain text-rich web entry can help convey the whole message of the blog, news entry, newsletter, or article. They see this as an important tool in trying to capture the attention of the viewer or reader of the text. They already know the fact that not all people are able to comprehend what they are trying to convey, which is why adding a stock photo or two in the web entry would help draw the reader’s attention and make it the readership experience more interesting.

      Doing so can also enhance your chances of targeting your online audience, particularly if you are into online marketing. As a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, placing stock photos in certain business websites and blogs containing informative texts about a product or service would benefit not only the businesses themselves, but also the readers. Stock photos don’t only increase the likely attention of readers; they also make the entry and the whole blog or website credible.

Choosing the right stock photos

If you plan to make use of stock photos for your Internet venture, whether you are into online marketing or just for the love of everything online, you can use stock photos to your advantage. Searching for stock photos is like searching for the right keywords to be used in your website. Here are two tips on finding them:


  • Consider your niche. If you are into online marketing, your niche is always of great importance. For example, if you are marketing a service and it pertains to providing employment services, you may want your stock photos to convey a corporate setting, where people wear corporate attire. If you are into blog writing, your niche is also vital. If you love to write about SEO and blogging, then a picture of a laptop with a hand typing away on the keyboard can be included in your stock.


  • Consider the “suggestive looking” technique. As much as possible, you can take advantage of using stock photos depicting human faces that indicate various kinds of emotions. A simple photo of a woman smiling and “looking down” at the text means that readers are encouraged to take a look at that section of the text or headline in your web entry.


To make your blog, article, or news entry more interesting to read, use stock photos. This will help you inspire as a journalist or writer and may help establish your online presence in the Internet.