If you are a trader in the stock market losing trades are part of trading. One of the biggest emotional aspects in trading is to overcome the fear of losing. Having a losing trade causing you to have feeling of fear and pain from the loss. All good stock traders will except small loses and learn from the experience. Traders need to realize that they will have small loses its part of the trading game as they learn to play to win. They will adjust their trading strategy to keep losses small and their winning stock trades big. As a stock trader you need to learn what the successful traders are doing and study their trading style. This way you will limit your losses and keep them manageable.

You need to work on your mind set that you will have losses in stock trading. Learning to trade with a mind set of not to lose is good to a certain point. Small losses are the price to be paid to be a consistence winner in the stock markets. How to learn to keep the losses small is important so you need to learn to use stop losses. All successful traders in the world today will have a complete understand of the importance of stop losses. You need to control your losses you will have no chance of being a profitable trader. It is impossible to have a winning trade every time so learn how to use a stop loss when you place a trade.

Not following a simple trading plan with stop losses and take profit will drain your trading account fast. This is the reality of the stock markets they will take your money and give it to the winning traders. This is where the fear of loss comes in. The fear of losing in a trade keeps you in the trade until you have lost most of your money. Your mind set is thinking that the trade will come back and it doesn't. If you had placed a stop loss then your losses would have been far smaller then not using one. Again this is called fear of losing. There isn't any neutral grounds in the markets there are only winners and losers.

Fear of loss will lead to costly mistakes when making a stock trade since we thing in terms of making quick easy cash. This wanting to make fast cash is the reason most new traders don't use stop losses which is their first big mistake. Just because you have a losing trade does not mean you are a failure it just means you had a unsuccessful trade. If you use a stop loss then actually it is a successful trade since you have preserved your capital by getting stopped out of the trade. The fear of losing makes a new trader watch the losing trade go down instead of stopping out because they think the trade will actually make them money which is desperate thinking. The same is true with a winning trade instead of taking there profits they stay in the trade to long from greed and do not get out in time before the trade goes south.