Christmas time is fast approaching and you are clueless. What will you do to make this Christmas memorable? One of the oldest Christmas traditions is hanging the stocking on the mantle Christmas Eve night with the hopes that Santa will fill it with toys and goodies. In fact, opening the stocking is sometimes more exciting than opening the presents so why not put a new, exciting spin on the stocking?

Traditionally, people used actual nylon stockings and hung them by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. They were then filled with fruits like apples and oranges, different kinds of nuts, and penny candies. These things were considered treats back in the old days; things that were not consumed every day. Still today, many families go with the traditional stocking stuffers but others like to get creative with the stockings. There are many, many great ideas out there to make stockings unique and memorable!

One cute idea for the little ones is to go to your local Dollar store and pick up a bunch of little toys and games. This gives you a lot of stocking stuffers for a very little price! To put a fun spin on it you can wrap little gifts in dollar bills. The kids will flip over this and you can put a whole stocking together for about $20 and that includes the wrapping paper!

Another idea is to cater to the cook with a kitchen themed stocking. Many of these gifts can be picked up at a Dollar store, too. You can find utensils, baking supplies like cupcake liners, wooden spoons, chocolate chips, and dish towels there and these all make fine gifts! You can even find a big oven mitt or Tupperware container and stuff that rather than a common stocking.

There are tons of ideas for themed stockings:

-Stockings for the coffee lover filled with cocoas, specialty coffees, chocolate dipped cookies and spoons, special mugs.

-Stockings for the sports fan filled with sporting goods, sweat bands and event tickets.

-Stockings for the hunter or fisherman filled with lures, ammunition, tackle boxes, etc.

-Stockings for the beauty queen filled with make-up, nail polish, hair accessories, flat irons, brushes, and spa or salon gift certificates.

-Stockings for mom filled with restaurant gift cards, massage certificates, theater passes, etc.

Another unique idea for the stocking is to plan on small gifts in the stocking to correspond with large gifts under the tree and have them open them one after another. You can also have kids reach into the stocking to pull out clues as to where their Christmas gifts are hiding! This makes the morning last longer and is more memorable than just ripping gifts open and having it over in a flash.

So many people get caught up in the holidays because of the commercialization of it all. It's easy to see black Friday ads and want to rush out the door to take advantage of all the sales and deals. Try to remember the reason for the season, which is not forking over all of your hard earned money to the retail stores, and make some fun family memories which will last a lifetime and be far more cherished than anything you could ever pick up at the store. Years down the road, you can all think back and reminisce over the wonderful holidays you all shared.