Great Stocking Stuffers for Guitar Players - Strings

One of the best gifts you can get the guitar player in your life is a set of guitar strings.  Most guitar players will go through several sets of strings during a year and they make great gifts as a stocking stuffer because they are small. Srings come in various sizes so you'll need to somehow find out the string size from your guitar playing friends before going to your local music store or shopping online for a set of strings to purchase. Buying two or three sets is a good idea since they are quite inexpensive. Be sure you know whether to buy acoustic strings or electric guitar strings because each instrument has its own string type.

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Picks Make Excellent Gifts

Another small item you can buy for a stocking is a bag of guitar picks. These again come in various thicknesses so you'll need to know what the player likes before purchasing them. In general even basic picks will be appreciated by guitar players because we go through so many of them each year and are always losing them! Most guitar stores sell picks at the front desk and you can buy a handful of different ones or a bag of one brand. I like to give my guitar students picks at Christmas time in their cards as a thank you for taking lessons with me. Since picks are so small you can even decorate the outside of the stocking with some picks. Put a small amount of tape on the back of each pick and then stick them to the stocking. Get Christmas colored ones to make them stand out.

Capos and Slides

Other great gift ideas for the stocking include capos and slides. A Capo is a device that goes over the strings and clamps down on them to give the guitar a different pitch. Singers use the Capo all the time to get their instrument in their vocal range or just for a unique sound. Most guitar players will use the capo and if your friend doesn't have one it makes a great gift. Even an extra or two  can't hurt because we guitar players like to lose things. A slide is usually glass or metal and goes on the guitar players finger to give a country or blues feel to playing. A slide makes a great gift and they are small enough to stick in the stocking. I have as metal slide I like to use.

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Cables and Batteries

A good guitar cable makes a great stocking stuffer idea for a guitar player. It's always great to have extra cables laying around when you need one for your guitar and amplifier. Another nice gift is some nine-volt batteries which guitar players use in quantity if they have any sort of guitar effect pedal.  A nice battery charger would be a good idea too, they are small enough to go right in the stocking. You could buy a couple of sets of rechargeable batteries to go along with it.

Gift Cards and Small Media Devices

Some other great gifts include gift cards. You could buy the guitar players a gift card to their favorite music CD store so theycan get some new music to listen to. Small media devices like a USB flash drive is another great gift since they can put songs on the drive to take with them to learn or put it into a digital camera  and record themselves playing. Other bland media ideas include blank DVDs or CDs to record music onto.

You Can Find the perfect Gift

Buying stocking stuffers for a guitar player isn't too difficult there's plenty of great ideas out there if you are willing to look. Visit your local music instrument store and start shopping now the holiday is just around the corner.