Do you remember remember hanging up your stockings for Christmas?  Were you excited to dump everything out?  If you were like me, your stocking was a source of sheer joy.  

Stocking stuffers are one of those traditions that children love.  Sometimes the cost of stuffing a stocking can get expensive, however it does not have to be something that busts your budget.  Here are some ideas to fill up your children's stockings. 


Small toys

There are a variety of small toys that you can buy to fill up a stocking. For instance, if you have a little boy you could buy cars or action figures. If you have a little girl, you can buy doll accessories or small toys such as the littlest pet shop toys.


Children love to see money. They believe that a lot of bills or coins means that they have a lot of money. So you could give a small amount of money in a small denominations (for instance give $10 in one dollar bills or a couple of dollars in nickels).

Candy Canes(72784)


Some of the best candy that can be given is available during Christmas. You could give candy canes, peppermint sticks, life savers, and as much chocolate as you can imagine.


Both boys and girls love to dress up.  Many of these items are on sale during the holidays. You can buy a few items  like a sword, necklace, play jewelry,or play shoes for your children.  The great thing is that you can buy a few big items and they will take up a lot space in the stocking. 


A good pair of comfortable socks or character socks are lovely for children.  During the holidays, those really comfortable socks are always on sale.  If you are not a fan of socks, you could also get slippers. 

Travel games

Travel games are great stocking stuffers because they are small.  A lot of popular games are available and are often cheaper than a board game in its original size.

Picture books

During the holiday season it is likely that you will get offers that will allow you to purchase a couple of picture books for the price of one. If you get such an offer you be able to get a couple of stocking stuffers for one price.  You should look at the big bookstores or at online bookstores for the best deals.

Card games

Card games are a great stocking stuffer that is very popular with children. Some card games that you may be able to get for your children are Phase 10, Rook, Old Maid, and Go Fish.

Colored Pencils

Art supplies

Children love to draw and color.  It is relatively simple to stuff a stocking with art supplies.  Some ideas are crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, rulers, stickers, and paper. The wonderful thing about these supplies is that they are relatively cheap.

Winter accessories

Winter accessories are a great gift to give children during the holidays. Some accessories that are easy to stuff into a stocking include knitted hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens.

Sports cards

If your child collects baseball cards, football cards, or cards from any other sport, you could give them a couple of packs of these as part of stocking stuffer.

Christmas BearsStuffed animals

Miniature stuffed animals are perfect gift to place in a stocking. They will provide your child with comfort and become a new friend.

Video games

Although they may not be inexpensive, they are one of the most popular things for the holidays. Sometimes you can find video games for a cheap price online.

Beauty supplies

Beauty supplies are a great thing to stuff into stockings.  Some good ideas are chapstick and lip gloss.