What Are Some Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Girls?

There are many items that you can use for stocking stuffers for teenage girls. While they may want designer jeans and Coach pocketbooks under the tree, there are a lot of small, inexpensive items that you can put into their stockings.

Unlike Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters, who were happy with an orange, a candy cane and a small cake inside their Christmas stocking, today's teens want their stuffed with fun items that they can use over and over.

Before you go out and buy a bunch of stocking stuffers for the teenage girls in your life, see what they want for their big gifts. If you have a set budget for large gifts, and your daughter’s wants allow for only one or two big gifts, then you can make a stocking for her filled with lots of fun, small items you have stocked up on. With careful shopping, sales and clearance racks, you can pick up a load of items teenage girls will love.

Here are some ideas for stocking stuffer ideas for teens who travel:

Vera Bradley Zip ID caseVera Bradely Zip ID CaseCredit: www.amazon.com


Initial luggage tags

Travel jewelry case

Makeup pouch


Here are some ideas for teens who love make up and cosmetics

Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner

Eye liner-pencil or liquid

Eye shadow in different colors

Mascara in different colors

Eyelash curler


Face cream

Glam Girl Nail Clippers(56009)Credit: www.amazon.comNail polish

Emery boards

Nail clippers

Pumice stone

Ped Egg

Perfume-spray or roll on

Fragrant powder

Bath fizziesBubble Bath Stocking Stuffer for Teenage GirlsCredit: www.amazon.com

Bath oils

Bubble bath

Bath poof

Body spray

Hand lotion

Body butter

Mini hand sanitizer in her favorite fragrance

Makeup brushes

Mirrored compact

These stocking stuffers are for teenage girls who love to do their hair:

Hot Topic Hair AccessoriesCredit: www.amazon.comCombs and brushes

Hair gels, serums and mousse

Barrettes, hair bands and assorted hair clips

Hair dye in funky colors such as blue or pink

Colored hair extensions

Flat iron



For teens who love jewelry, here are some fun, inexpensive items:

Earrings-dangly, hoops or studsJewleryCredit: www.amazon.com

Necklace-chokers or pendants

Bracelets-bangle, rubber, cord, or charm


Ring holder

Earring tree

For teenage girls who have their driver’s license, here are auto inspired ideas:

Lcuky Brand keychainCredit: www.amazon.comKeychain with her favorite character or one to match her car

A gas card

CD organizer

Car organizer

Car wipes



Teenagers are always hungry, so put some of these in her stocking:

Her favorite candy and chocolates

Special gourmet treat

Tic Tacs, mints, or other favorite hard candies

Flavored hot cocoa mixes

Here are some more suggestions for stocking stuffers for teenage girls:


Gift card to her favorite store, coffee shop or fast food joint

Fuzzy socks


Funky knee highs

Movie ticket

Favorite childhood movie DVD

Small stuffed animal

Scrapbook stickers, scissors, ribbons, rub-ons and other embellishments

Lounge pants

Hat and gloves


Tee shirt

Tank topLady Gaga Style SunglassesCredit: www.amazon.com



Colorful shoelaces

Buttons of her favorite movie or band

Note cards or stationary set


Personalized mouse pad


Books from her favorite author

Word puzzle books or Soduko

Finding stocking stuffers for teenage girls isn’t difficult. There are plenty of options from which to choose.

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