Men and Stockings Through History

Stockings for men have been very much involved in controversy for the past decades, in spite of being very popular in terms of 17th-18th Century French Fashion. Putting a little background to this unique garment, men's stocking has fell out of fashion just a few years after the industrial revolution – leaving the stylish elite lifestyle into a total mess. Today, men's stockings may sound too feminine to be true. But still, the fact that some stockings are used not only for fashion cannot be taken for granted. Anti-embolism socks, among many, can be categorized as a form of stocking designed for both genders. Other forms of stockings are also available. And although it may sound funny for those who view men in the modern American way, it is likewise true that some men, particularly the Europeans, still use stockings as a form of fashion in some places all over the world.

Men wear stockings for various reasons. Anti-embolism socks are used by those who are bed-ridden for a long period of time to prevent blood clots from reaching and blocking the vital organs of the body. As for the others, "costume plays" and parties are usually the reason why some mean wear stockings without being too conscious about their masculinity. With Halloween and Christmas costume parties, wearing men's stockings is not at all embarrassing. Culture costumes are also very prominent particularly in Europe. In occasions where historical or traditional settings are encouraged, costumes bundled with men's stockings are very much popular. Other than this, Asian costume parties also exhibit a love for masculine socks with "animation costume plays" where characters from a certain cartoon are brought to life by wearing similar costumes. Most animation artists design their characters in a unique and friendly way, giving a look which is very attractive to both adolescents and young men alike. Contrary to popular western belief, costume plays in Animation Conventions are actually more specific to young adults and teenagers rather than children. Japanese animations also display a unique theme different from the classical Western cartoons. Nevertheless, the love for men's socks is displayed all over the world.
For men who wish to wear stockings, several options are readily available. Many stores offer various forms of fashion stocking for both men and women. One can search using the internet or read fashion magazines to review various stores and have a good price estimate. Stockings originally intended for plus-size women can also be a good alternative for those who couldn't find the perfect store for that smooth shiny glow.

The material used for the stockings is very important to stocking enthusiasts. Some men would find it appealing to have a vintage nylon set for a little retro look while others would prefer the softness of vinyl and cotton garments. Nylon gives the cheapest among the lingerie division, so one might find it logical to buy a good-looking yet less-expensive set. Aside from the price, they also take up very little space, making them suitable for traveling along.

Feminine Stockings for Men
Some men are simply very much comfortable wearing women's garments for everyday use. Plus-size stockings for women can be a good alternative for petite men who would want to feel the smoothness of stockings against the legs. Not only do they give a sensual feeling, but also a feeling of exuberance and beauty. Through the years, an increasing number of men believe that physical beauty is not only for women but also for men alone. These days, some patronize the idea of a man wearing women's stuff as either normal or eccentrically fabulous.

As for shoe combination, leather shoes are usually not good when paired with thin and slippery garments. A good pair with a soft physique is normally the perfect companion for a pair of men's stockings. It's a good thing to consider the color combination by experimenting with possible blends. Chocolate brown stockings normally look good with brown or yellow shoes while black exquisite pumps look extremely fabulous with equally black stockings. Some fashion show give a sexier look by dressing the male models less while accenting the legs with fish-net stockings. These days, the innovation of designers made it possible for both men and women to express creativity without being looked upon as queer or weird. The uniqueness of men's stocking simply made a lasting impression in fashion history.

Different Types of Stockings for Men

Diamond Back Seam

The symphony of geometry, which was once only intended to cater to the feminine side of beauty, can be achieved by matching a pair of diamond back seam stockings with French heels. For men with a sophisticated outlook in fashion, this match is actually the most revealing and liberating. Sexy and rebellious, each man can give his self a boost of exuberance with a gorgeous set of this diamond back seam pair.

Premier French Heel

The premier model also happens to be the most simple model. Coincidence? I think not. This is the kind of thinking that transforms a small coffee into a tall coffee. Don't blame the lingerie, blame the soulless marketers. Blame them!

On the other hand, these are the perfect beginner french heel stockings. Not too much decoration to distract from the french heeleness of it all. You can handle these stockings. Yes you can.
The simplest among stockings for me, the premier French heel stocking are perfect for men with no liberating gender preference. For straight and traditional men, premier French heel stockings are good companions for white and cream shoes normally used in costume parties.

Dita's French Heel
This liberating men's stocking is no way related to the fancy basic French heel or even the revealing diamond back seam. Once worn by Marilyn Manson, the Dita's French Heel stockings give out a powerful ambiance and a burlesque modern aura with an exotic appeal.