If you are looking for a high chair that will be a great investment, then you need to look no further than the quality Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair, also formally known as "Kinderzeat". This ergonomically designed high chair from Norway is a beautifully and expertly designed from beechwood and has been endorsed by celebrities. Jamie Oliver, chef and restaurant owner and television personality of the Food Network recently bought the Tripp Trapp for his new resaurant in Oxford, England. While actress Naomi Watts was seen leaving a baby store with one in her hand. However, most importantly, the Stokke Tripp Trapp has met a wide array of international safety standards.

The purpose of the Tripp Trapp is to allow your child to be part of the family at mealtimes rather than off to the side in a high chair. The Tripp Trapp's design allows you to easily adjust the seat so that it can be pulled up to the table easily. The Tripp Trapp can be adjusted over time to comfortably seat an 6-month old infant up until he or she is 15 years old.

The Tripp Trapp's allows you to change the seatplate and the footrest's height and depth for proper ergonomic seating. A proper ergonomic seating improves body posture and supports a developing spine while permitting the child's legs and feet to move around easily and make adjustments when shifting body weight. Your child's seat can be at the perfect height with the adjustable seat plate that your child will be seating with their elbows resting comfortably at any table. The seat depth can also be changed so that your child is seating properly with an approximate two inch width between the back of their knees and seat. The footrest's height can also be moved so that you child's feet will meeting the footrest to allow their legs and feet to be supported throughout their time in the chair whether it's for eating or play.

Besides the ability to provide your child with correct ergonomic seating and functionality, it also has other superb features in it's design and durability. The Tripp Trapp is made out of beechwood, which is known for its strength and durability. It has a high quality coating on the high chair to prevent scratching and easy to keep clean.

The Tripp Trapp also has a variety of accessories that you can buy to support your child. For infants, you can purchase a baby seat that offers the additional protection of a seating rail and back plate. For additional comfort, they offer modern seat cushions that are machine washable and come in 7 colors, including solid, polka-dots and stripes.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a wonderful chair that will allow your baby, toddler or older child the most comfort throughout his or her growing years. It's a highly functional and easy to use chair that offers timeless beauty. The only trouble you will have with this high chair is choosing which color! Depending on your personal style you can choose from traditional colors like natural or white, however, you can also find it in pink, gray, yellow, green, red, walnut, cherry, turquoise and black.