Look Better With Sleep!

Get A Flat Stomach - by sleeping well!

Your round belly might not be caused from you eating to much or exercising to little.

It may be from a lack of sleep and rest.

Do you, like many others, struggle with those last pounds - those who just seem to sit on your stomach, no matter what you try?

Many women suffer from this, it's like a bump on the lower part of your stomach. You can have it without in any way be overweight. Whatever you do, exercise, healthy eating, dieting - nothing seems to help you get rid of it.

But now, research reveals a new theory about why many otherwise thin, women suffer from a bulging belly: It could be due to poor sleep.

The body prepares itself.

There are several reasons that your round tummy could be due to sleep deprivation:

It not only easier for abdominal fat to develop on your stomach unless you are sufficiently rested. The body also knows when it "goes on the back burner" and that it must accrue an extra layer of fat to use as emergency fuel. That fat gathers up around your belly.

Moreover, it is during sleep that the body gets rid of the hormone cortisol, which is one of the reasons that we gather fat around the abdomen. Elevated levels of cortisol for a long time, can cause stress in the body, anxiety and depression - which in itself may be reasons why you gain weight.

In addition, research have shown, that if the stomach is allowed to rest at least 12 hours per day it will increase your metabolism.

This is because our liver reacts to this and burns more sugar and fat around your stomach when it is allowed to rest.

The importance of rest.

Another reason for the lack of sleep to be the cause of your round belly is that it is at night that the body works through that we have consumed during the day. It is also at night, when after working the whole day, our intestines can rest.

A disturbed and stressed digestive system may be the reason that the stomach swells, even without you being overweight. If this is the reason for your round tummy then dieting and excessive exercise, especially late at night, rather have the opposite effect.