Using Tea to Relax your Stomach


I was inspired a few days ago when I read an article on InfoBarrel related to relieving stomach pain.  You see I suffer from a disease called Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and I am currently going through a flare up.   I was diagnosed with in late 2000 and have had 1 significant flare up since being diagnosed.  Without out going into the specific details of UC, one of the many symptoms is abdominal pain and cramping that usually disappears after a bowel movement.

In general those of us with UC need to be on daily maintenance medication to keep the UC in remission but sometimes, during flare ups, additional medication is necessary including steroids to help with the swelling and stomach cramps. 

One of the major issues that I have experienced with UC is that my stomach becomes very sensitive to food and even to physical activity.  The more sensitive my stomach is the more stomach cramps I have and thus the more times I have to run to the restroom.  The stomach pain can become unbearable and even debilitating at times.

Yerba MateOne of the elements in the article mentioned that Peppermint Tea could provide some relief.  So I decided to head to my local supermarket to check out their tea selection.  I am not a big Tea guy but on occasion I have purchased some Tea products from places like Teavana.  I spent probably 30 minutes just reading all of the information on the boxes and I came across a local brand called Badia.  To be honest I know Badia more for their seasonings than their Tea, but they were the only ones that specifically mentioned the Tea’s properties.  I came across two that I had to try.  The first was called Badia Yerba Mate” which stated that it “Tones and relaxes the stomach and helps digestion”.  The other was Badia Chamomile Tea” which stated that it “Relaxes the stomach and helps digestion”.

I have been drinking the Yerba Mate Tea for a couple of days and it has worked absolutely perfect for me. So much so, that I haven’t even tried the Chamomile or the Peppermint.  My stomach has relaxed these last two days more than the last three weeks combined.  My hope is that my success with Tea will inspire others to try it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank drag331 and the article titled “5 Ways to Quickly Relieve Stomach Pain” for the inspiration to look into tea for my stomach pain.  Thanks drag!