Shower Seats

Shower seats are a very sensible and innovative addition to your bathroom and can make any bathing experience much more relaxing and invigorating. You'll learn to love showering and staying longer with a seat where you can just sit down and unwind.

Have a seat

Once you buy your very own shower seat, you'll regret not getting one earlier. They're not just a stylish addition or a place where you can store your clothes while you wash. In reality, nothing is more relaxing than taking a shower while sitting down. Before, during and after a shower, you can just settle on the shower seat to do your nails, wash your hair thoroughly, remove unsightly body hairs, and just about anything. You can do all this with comfort and will allow you to enjoy a total showering experience while bathing in the privacy in your own shower.

Shower seats are also very essential for people with handicaps due to accidents or injuries. Taking a shower will no longer feel so incapacitating with shower seats available. This will provide more privacy than taking a dip in a bath tub and will provide relative comfort. Also, you won't have to strain yourself and be extra careful with your injured parts. You can just sit in the shower while cleaning yourself and enjoying the experience without strain or undue effort. There are also seats that have arm rests to support you and reduce the risk of falling.

These seats come in all shape and size fit for your personal preference. They can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you wish and are available for whatever type of shower enclosure you have.

Shower seats of all kinds

The shower chair is perhaps the most basic of all shower seat designs. It is usually constructed of sturdy but lightweight resin materials and resembles a straight back chair. It is also possible to purchase these chairs with or without arms. There are section devices one each foot of the chair which helps minimize the chance for sliding or slipping once it is placed into the tub or shower stall. Its resin properties make it water-repellent and very light, making it easy to move the seat in and out of the shower enclosure when other members of the family take their turn to bathe.

A different type of shower seat is the retractable seat. Usually, this is a simple hinged seat attached to the wall of the shower stall. Most models are made from hardwoods that have been treated for water resistance. This is very convenient because it simply swings down and locks into place when you need it. After using it, you can just return the shower seat to its upright position against the wall. The retractable seat is more or less a permanent fixture in the shower stall, but it saves you the trouble of having to carry the chair in and out of the shower enclosure when other people use the shower.

Lastly, the permanent ceramic shower seat is a popular choice for some homes. This is especially true if all the occupants of the home wish and prefer to sit down for a more relaxing shower. This seat is fixed in place and covered with ceramic tile that's basically easy to clean. Other materials used may be marble, granite or other materials traditionally used for kitchen countertops. Like the other types, this is also waterproof and is easy to clean with standard bathroom cleansers.

These varied types of shower seats vary in price. The most inexpensive one is the resin shower chair and are ideal when you have temporary health issues to make bathing or showering more comfortable and less straining. The retractable hardwood seats are also fairly low-cost, but it is important that it be installed by a professional. The most costly among the three is the permanent shower seat, but it is worth the cost if sitting during daily hygiene is a necessity.

Finding the perfect seat

Never take purchasing your own shower seat as a measly task. It is important to take in all considerations before finally choosing your own seat. First of all, make sure that you have enough room in your shower stall. This will facilitate choosing a specific type or style for your shower seat. Once that is done, check out websites such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon to determine a baseline price for the type of model you're looking for; you don't want to pay too much or too less. Next, try to find some discounts or sales from advertised offers. You can get lucky if you find one that has incredible deals. Lastly, make sure that you're buying from a reliable source so you won't regret your purchase.


Shower seats are novel and very useful accessories to your showering experience. Find your own preference and enjoy a relaxing shower while comfortably sitting down, avoiding injury, and an easy and stress-less shower.