Prevent Acne with Tea Tree Oil

Whether you have full blown acne or just the occasional pimple you know that it is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and something that most want to prevent. To stop acne use tea tree oil face wash and cream, and other tea tree oil products. Although there are many different types of acne treatments on the market, many very expensive and sometimes damaging acne prevention treatments, the use of tea tree oil face wash and cream to stop pimples is easier and relatively safer.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

If you are going to stop acne and pimples by using tea tree oil face wash and cream then you need to know what tea tree oil is and where it comes from. Tea tree oil is from Australia. It is made by smashing the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. From that there are lots of products made. Tea tree oil is quite popular because it works very well and contains the medicinal property or compound called "terpene". It is the terpenes in tea tree oil that makes it able to stop acne, prevent pimples, and clear up skin.

Aside from being used to stop acne, tea tree oil face wash and cream, plus other tea tree oil products have other uses because it is such a multifaceted product. There are many different tea tree oil products throughout the world that have some type of tea tree oil derivative. Tea Tree Oil, sometimes called Melaleuca Oil, is widely available. It is not just used to make face wash and face creams for acne prevention, but it is used as as an aromatic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, disinfectant, fungicide, germicide, and sometimes a mild anesthetic.

Stop Acne. Tea Tree Oil Face Wash and Cream

In a study to see if tea tree oil could stop acne it was found to be just as effective as the main ingredient in many of the acne treatments, Benzoyl Peroxide. Oftentimes, when you use those types of face washes they will dry your skin out, even when you use a moisturizing one. The difference is that if you simply want to stop acne, use tea tree oil face wash and tea tree oil cream, and your face will be clear and soft. There are facial cleansers you can use if that is easier. Sometimes, the problem with skin is that it gets too much cream and other products put on it, clogging the pores.

Some like to buy a small bottle of 100% Tea Tree Oil. If you choose to stop acne using tea tree oil face wash or cream made out of 100% Tea Tree Oil then you absolutely must dilute it. Never put tea tree oil directly on your skin without diluting it first because it is too strong. Even if you are desperate to stop acne, it is not helpful to think more is better in this case. A regular tea tree oil face cream will work just fine. There are a few companies that put out tea tree oil face wash. One of these is Jason. Jason tea tree oil products work fine and there are many. Another is Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. Dessert Essence has many great products. Both of these are for tea tree oil face wash to prevent acne pimples. One of the best companies is Aroma Vera. To stop acne, use tea tree oil face wash and cream from them.

The other way to stop acne is using tea tree oil cream or lotion. Finding a good tea tree oil facial lotion to use as a moisturizer and as an acne prevention is a great idea. A really good way to stop acne using tea tree oil face cream is by using Derma-e Tea Tree & Antiseptic Creme. It smells strong, but your entire face will appreciate you for using it. In the UK, one of the companies that carries tea tree oil is Nelson's. Nelson's Tea Tree Oil cream is one way to fight bacterial infections. Look for tea tree products that also have Lavender oil in them because that seems the most soothing and healing for skin.

Final Acne Stopping Tips

Try tea tree oil face wash or a tea tree cream/creme. Using a natural skin care product is better for your overall skin health. Organic skin care products, such as the Derma-e Tea Tree creme are much better than smearing alcohol on or using hard-core products like Accutane. Use these products for a few weeks to give them time to work. Unfortunately, there is nothing that will stop acne this second. But, tea tree oil products, their face wash and tea tree lotions do quite a good job at preventing acne breakouts and reducing the time you have a pimple if you get one.

If you have trouble with acne and really want to prevent breakouts, get a shower filter. The importance of clean water cannot be stressed enough. Using a shower filter plus tea tree products will improve your skin. You can also extend the benefits of tea tree oil to your hair by using organic tea tree shampoo. Tea tree oil shampoo, face wash, body wash, lotions, and other products are great skin and body care items. They make excellent gifts for birthdays, Christmas presents, and other holiday or fun gift giving times.

This article is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or otherwise offer medical advice in place of a doctor. If you have questions you should always consult your physician.