Aging is a natural and inevitable process; however, not all individuals age at the same pace; our body and mind deteriorates over the time, mainly influenced by intrinsic or genetic factors (when we are born there is a genetic chain that determines how we age;) as well as external factors such as stress, wrong lifestyle, poor nutrition and environmental factors among others; however, just a few changes to your lifestyle will dramatically stop to a certain point how you age, reducing the likelihood of developing cancer and other diseases proper of the old age and make you look younger than your actual age; the best things you can do is include fruit and vegetables into your diet, stop smoking, sleep better and drink a glass of wine or take Resveratrol supplements – they all have the properties to delay the process of cell oxidation by combating it with antioxidants.

Slow Aging with Resveratrol

Do you know that French people tend to live longer and better that other Europeans?  Despite their generally unhealthy diet based on saturated fats, they have a lower rate of heart disease deaths and cardiovascular problems – there have been many researches about their remarkable levels of longevity and one of the possible explanations is the consumption of red wine as part of their daily diet. The nutrition information on red wine has been carefully studied and it is now clear that the seeds and skin of grapes contain Resveratrol; this is one of the most powerful antioxidants discovered in recent years and one of the many healthy tips to live a longer live.


Properties of Resveratrol

Resveratrol has the property of activating the genes for a longer life; this is because the powerful antioxidant compound easily found in red wine, grapes and other foods such as berries,  provides defence against the onset of cancer, disease and attack by bacteria, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and other illness that are normal as we age. The potential of this antioxidant to help us live longer has been researched for many years now and it is now considered a powerful solution to stop aging and increase longevity.


A standard glass of red wine is sufficient to provide the Resveratrol you need; however if you don’t drink alcohol, it is possible to find pure natural Resveratrol in capsules; the best place to buy any supplements is Amazon as they normally provide a clear description of the products you are buying as well as the useful display of reviews by other people that have bought Resveratrol in capsules; it pays off to read the reviews carefully and make sure it is what you are looking for. My favourite are the 500 MG Resveratrol Extreme Juice Capsules; they are pure, not diluted and have a potent content of this antioxidant (they claim it is up to 5 times more potent that other brands).


Benefits of Resveratrol

  1. Protects our body against heart and coronary diseases
  2. It has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. It reduces the likelihood of developing cancer.
  4. It increases your life span and the quality of the years you live.
  5. Resveratrol reduces the hardening of the arteries.
  6. It could help with weight loss thanks to the properties of converting sugars into fat.
  7. Resveratrol prevents eye diseases.
  8. It rejuvenates and hydrates our skin.