Stop Anxiety Attacks

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • Pounding or racing heartbeat
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Mind going blank
  • Upset stomach
  • Sudden on come of fear

These are but a few of the symptoms experienced by those who suffer from anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks are also referred to as panic attacks and can range from mild to severe. This disorder comes in different forms as each person is different. People who suffer from anxiety tend to suffer from depression as well. Young and old are searching for help with panic attacks, although it appears that women tend to suffer from this disorder more than men.

For some people, this is a very serious matter as it has confined many to their homes and others have no social life because of fear. What can a person do to control or cure panic attacks? There are a few things a person can do at home to better help them cope with anxiety. Here are some basic steps you can start taking today?

  1. Engage in activities that you enjoy
  2. Have a couple of friends or family members that you can rely on for support
  3. Do not avoid the things that cause you to panic, but work with them so that you can lessen and overcome the fear of them
  4. Change your diet (certain foods or a lack of healthy foods can increase your chances of attacks)

Panic Attacks at Night

Some people experience these bouts at night, before going to bed or have their sleep interrupted by them.   Nighttime panic or anxiety attacks are also called Nocturnal Panic Attacks. Often time panic attacks may arise in the nighttime because of high levels of stress. A lot of people tend to use the nighttime, when things are settled, to think about their problems. This in turn can increase your levels of stress at night.

If you experience attacks at night, why not try the following before bedtime: listen to calming music, read a funny book, watch a funny movie, and try not to think about your problems. Essential oils could be of great help too. Lavender has been known for its ability to help relax and calm the body. There is also an essential oil called Peace and Calming that help with relaxation, stress, and aid with sleeping.

Panic Attacks When Out In Public

Being in certain public places can spur on an anxiety attack for many. This is especially true if the places are crowded or if you previously experienced an attack there before. When you have had an attack in a particular place or while engaging in some sort of activity, you almost always will associate that activity or place with having an anxiety attack. This can cause you to fear having an attack every time you visit the place or thing. This can be quite uncomfortable and an inconvenience to the victim.

What can you do to control your panic attack or fear of having one in this situation? Try learning to breathe properly when you are out in public. Breathing properly can help calm and relax the body and a racing heart. You can also prepare yourself mentally by reassuring yourself that everything is alright. Having someone with you that you are comfortable around can help alleviate unwanted stress as well.

Before spending money on different medications, that claim to help with anxiety, you may want to consider speaking with a coach or therapist in this field. Persons in these fields can help you get to the root problem of your attacks and help you work to reduce or eliminate your anxiety attacks.

 The statements made in this article are not intended to treat or cure any disorder, but people suffering from anxiety attacks should consult their physicians before trying any new treatments.