When you need to stop back pain in its tracks, you must pull out every trick in the book. Back pain can keep you from enjoying life the way you want to enjoy it, so begin fighting back today by using these proven tips. You'll be surprised by how much all of these little day-to-day changes add up to feeling better.

Clean out your handbag, messenger bag or briefcase at least once every week

You'll be surprised by how much stuff is in there and even more surprised by the weight of that stuff.  Every time you carry that bag, all of that added weight is putting stress on your back. Make it a habit, then, to pull out anything that is garbage or commonly unused week-to-week.

Invest in an inversion table

Inversion tables are light weight (and not too space consuming or expensive) exercise machines that turn you upside down. This, in turn, takes pressure off of your back and joints. Many people have found amazing levels of relief from these types of tables. Purchasing one can be a real cost-effective solution to help stop back pain over the long haul.

Use cold compresses to relieve currently painful areas

Sometimes to stop back pain, it's the simple things that do the best work. Using cold compresses is a well-known technique and very effective. It will reduce swelling, get your blood flowing, and actually remove some stiffness from your back.

Drink a ton of water

Ok, not a literal ton, but about eight glasses every day. Following a healthy diet that includes the right intake of water can really help you stop back pain. Plus, by making water a habit over, say, juices or sodas, you will more than likely lose weight. This is an added bonus to taking weight pressure from your back.

Learn the proper way to lift things

Improper lifting techniques lead to a lot of pulled backs and chronic issues. To do it right, bend your knees while keeping your stomach in line. Make sure as you lift that you keep the object you're lifting close to you. The further away it is from your core, the more pressure you will place on your back.

Speaking of lifting, before you pick up that box the proper way, know exactly what is in it and estimate its real weight. Don't go by what any image on the box says it is. Open the container and take a real look. Many backs have been thrown out because the weight was not what was expected, even with the right lifting posture.

Keep your heel wearing in moderation

This final tip is for the women out there. Heels over an inch in height can really do a number on stressing your back. In fact, if you often wear heels of this height or greater, it can lead to chronic problems in the future. Only, then, wear heels of this height on special occasions and bring a pair of regular shoes to change into if you start feeling any sort of back pain.