Stop the Obama Drama Everyone.

In this note,i would like to stress about the Obama drama that appears to linger in the minds and hearts of all non supporters and believers.This will be the percent that voted for the next man and not the brother man.The ones that cast that vote that did not help at all.

It appears that these people have not recovered from the reality that our president is a black man.But Just like any other black man living on this wonderful green planet called earth,our president's every move, every word, and every suggestion appears to be viewed under a microscope.Since Obama's presence in office, people have been pressuring him with his quotes of the change he wants to make in America.

Man! people can't even wait until the president uses the white house toilet for the fist time before all the "when are yous" flood the gates of the first step to change.The president have a plan.I do not believe that Obama will promise all these great strategies because not only as president,but as a blackman he must prevail.The main key to these ideas of his will only work with the proper support of the non-believers(i say the non-believers,because the non-believers did not vote for Obama).Congress have been pulling off stunts since Our President entered the White House.Come on folks,congress delaying bills and taking our president as a joke. The buck do not stop there america.Using this great example(Obama's speakin to the kids) Our president just wanted to secure those dreams of those who are our future whether black,white,brown,blue ,yellow ,or green.I wonder! if Bush, Carter,Clinton, or Reagan would of made the same exact speech Obama broascast to our youth,would they have received a cheer or a boo!?.I mean, seriously,what is the problem?get over it! Many of us viewed that speech as words of wisdom.Like they say"a wise man will listen,and a fool will not!".

See, one thing people fail to realize,the majority of Obama's votes came from non african americans.White america played a major role in getting our president elected for the white house. Whereever i go,i see Obama stickers on back of people cars, Obama signs in the windows of many homeowners. The thing that place that great smile of accomplishment onto my face, these acts of historical displays are from many and many of whites here in america. WOW! to understand how many whites in america gave their undivided attention and their complete trust to this man,a black man.America has come a long way.

Now, there are those that still can not get over this accomplishment that a black man made it to the white house.I guess people are sick and tired of the same ol flavor. Especially when that flavor has poison the mouths of millions and left that residual taste of recession.Sometimes we as americans need that change. We need to experience a different flavor.We need to allow different flavors of punch to settle in the punch bowl,this is what keeps everyone drinking from that bowl.

A man is a man, a mind is a mind, and a heart is a heart, but cultral thoughts are unique within the man. Every man have different views of life ,objects,people,and solutions.Where one man failed another may prevail.What one man lacks another may present.

America is called the land of the free and the home of the brave.At the time of creating this saying,really! some of us were not free from many things.Things like slavery,poverty,racism,and the right to be human.Only the brave had the balls to control the country and the minds of minorities living in it.This is America! a assorted mixture of cultral differences united as one world living in seperate worlds.Within this said,one race appears to enjoy the need to maintain the control of america and all it have to offer to the human race.

Picture this country as a bowl of colored balls.Every time someone dig deep into the bowl,they keep pulling out that same ol color for years after year. That ball looks the same way. That ball suprises you when you think you have a different ball,to it finds out it works its way back into your hands.The ball always comes into view but,it have nothing else to offer. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and try a different ball.Obama is that ball of difference because it has a different color, a different attitude.You ask yourself"besides the color,what makes this ball so different"?.Well this is the change we need. We need to sit back and see what our president have to offer.Excuse me! we already now what he have to offer. let him execute his plan and support his plan for he is a different ball and we need to see why he is that different ball.

Now,the love for our president is greatly appreciated amongst the african american population,however,we as african americans need to continue the support of out president. Take charge of your responsibilities as a black man so that you will suceed as a reflection of the presidents success here in this country and many others.Stop waiting around for the hand outs.Stop crying out"the white man is keeping me down!"Stop waiting for those forty acres and a mule.Our president got his own as a black man and you can get your too.The white man proved on the day of elections that he do not keep up down,in fact,on that day of elections,the white man lifted us up and supported us and believes in us. Obama is our forty acres,but he is no mule.The forty acres turned out to be more.Ican not estimate the total acres of this countrys land but,it was given to the president of the united states who is a black man.This black man shall speak and represent all black men on this planet and accept the many acres without the mule.

Understanding this in all....Stop Bombing Obama and let him do what we elected him to do!

Freestyle thoughts and opinions...Scottigotit