Dog owners can stop dogs from barking all night long with relative ease. The following 5 tips can make sleepless bark-filled nights a thing of the past:

Give The Dog Playtime Every Day

Many dogs bark throughout the night simply because they are filled with energy and want to get their owners' attention so that they can play. The first step to stop dogs from barking involves eliminating a dog's excess energy during the day. This is easily done when they're played with for at least 45 minutes per day (of course, more playtime will probably yield better results.) They can get their playtime via walks, playing fetch, or even catching frisbees.

Give The Dog Self-Entertainment Options

No dog owner is available for doggy playtime all day, every day. For times when a dog just can't have their owner's attention, the dog should be given plenty of toys to play with. For outdoor dogs, a small tether ball pole in the backyard is an extremely fun toy. The length of tether should be adjusted so that the dog can reach the tether ball when he jumps up to hit it with his snout. For indoor dogs, a chew toy (like a Kong) stuffed with healthy dog food can act as a fun "dog puzzle". It takes a lot of effort and ingenuity for the dog to finally get his tasty reward. When the dog receives enough playtime during the day, he will be apt to sleep through the night, bark free.

Make The Dog's Sleeping Area Comfy and Cozy

People usually don't sleep well if when they lie down on hardwood floors all night. So, imagine how a dog feels when he sleeps on cold tile or on a hard outdoor cement porch. If a dog is comfortable when he sleeps, he will have an easier time sleeping for the entire night. Giving dogs a cozy bed to sleep on is a very simple way to stop dogs from barking.

Remove Nightly Annoyances

If there's something that catches a dogs attention every night, the dog's mission will be to bark at the annoyance until it leaves. Of course, this will never make the annoyance go away forever, but he doesn't know that. The dog will vigilantly protect his owner each and every night by barking at a blinking smoke detector light, or at wind-blown tree branches that tap on a window, or even at the rattling unbalanced ceiling fan in the family room. Owners can stop dogs from barking by removing these nightly annoyances so that the dog's mission can finally be complete.

Muzzle As A Last Resort

When every other option thus far to stop dogs from barking has failed, one will have to resort to muzzling the dog before bedtime. He will need to wear his muzzle during bedtime for several nights in a row. Then, the muzzle can be removed for one night to see if he barks. If he does...on goes the muzzle. A couple of nights later, remove the muzzle to see if his behavior has changed. Lather, rinse, and repeat until the dog has learned that barking at random things all night long just isn't worth it.