A can of soda isn't so bad. Or is it? I've read enough to figure out that a can of fizzy magic drink can't possibly be good for me, so I decided to give it up. For good. So how did I do it, and more importantly, how can you do it? Take a look at how I stopped drinking soda with a little will power and these 5 easy tips below.

  1. Define your Goal. Figure out exactly what you want to accomplish and write it down. Write down your goal in a daily planner so you see it every day, and are therefore reminded every day. This step is critical because now your goal is no longer a thought but something you can see and strive to achieve.
  2. Be Prepared for Hurdles. Your first week of not drinking soda will be hard. Make sure you are ready, both physically and mentally. Get rid of all the soda in your house; give it away or start after you finished that last can. Don't keep any soda in your place of work. Tell your colleagues of your plan and warn them you may get a little cranky because of caffeine withdrawals, etc. This full disclosure will both help keep you on track, and provide a morale booster when you want to succumb to the craving. Recognize too that meeting your goal will not happen overnight.
  3. Have a Good Substitute in Place. Decide on what you will substitute for your diet or regular soda. Maybe choose something will a mild dose of caffeine so you don't totally throw your system for a loop. Whatever you decide to drink, make sure you have plenty on hand. Another thing to consider is drinking plenty of water. It'll help flush out some toxins and of course, keep you hydrated.
  4. Ride out the Cravings. You will most definitely have cravings. And there will be plenty of temptations. When you're feeling impulsive and are really craving a soda, don't be so quick to give in. Drink tea, or carbonated water. Go for a little walk. Try to distract yourself and ride it out.
  5. Be Kind to Yourself. This is a challenge. Remember that you are doing a great thing for your body and use that as motivation to continue moving forward. Splurge a little on teas that strike your fancy or on a refillable water bottle. Use little rewards to help keep you on track.

One final thought is remember this challenge is more than giving up a carbonated beverage; it is removing a bad habit you rely on, and making a change for the better. Look forward to when you no longer have the desire to drink soda and it will eventually happen for you.