If you need to stop drinking then read this!

Have you ever woken up in the morning, feeling like death warmed up? Slowly, but surely you realise that you cannot remember going to bed. You have a dim recollection of arguing with someone. You groan to yourself when you realise that you have drank too much again.  You promised yourself that you would stop when everyone else stopped or when your bottle of wine was finished. You spend the rest of the day suffering from a horrendous hangover and all you want to do is get the day over with so that you can feel better both mentally and physically.You tell yourself that enough is enough and that this is your last hangover ever.

Can you relate to this?

You want a drink but you know that if you have a drink you will drink too much, do or say something that you regret and will spend the whole of the next day feeling hellish because of the hangover and a host of other miserable regrets?

Do you envy normal drinkers? You know the kind of person who can take or leave drink? The people who can leave a glass of wine or beer and go to bed without a second thought. Would you like to be able to to go and have a few drinks with your friends and then be able to walk home remembering what you have done the next morning with no feelings of guilt or shame? Have you tried to do this but usually end up drinking too much, not wanting to stop and end up wrecking your mental and physical heath again?

Do you love alcohol but at the same time hate it and the power it has over you?

Have you ever tried to escape its grip?

Do you realise just how much peace and freedom that you would have in your life if you were able to pull away from its grip?

I will repeat what you would gain – PEACE and FREEDOM.

You are in that situation - which hasn't fully been addressed in any type of support group or book in my opinion - where you can continue to drink alcohol and not lose everything...(unless something bad happens like a DUI.) Your intent to quit is for your health and happiness, but it's not like you HAVE TO QUIT. Your health isn't failing, your family isn't leaving you, you aren't getting fired...so, it's kind of like going on a diet, or starting a new exercise plan and then sticking to it.

I have to say, unless something bad happens due to your drinking, you will probably stop and start drinking until you are dizzy - UNLESS you make some kind of resolution with yourself, what ever that may be. 

 When you really have had enough and want your life,freedom, peace of mind and energy back? How can you convince yourself that drinking alcohol is bad for you and no longer an option? For some, it may be helpful to put alcohol in that BAD HEALTH category, like cigarettes...because remember, it is like a ticking time bomb...you never know when you may make a poor decision due to being under the influence that might effect your future negatively.

 You need help but there is no way that you are an alcoholic. You would rather die than even think about going to an AA meeting. YOU WOULD FIND THIS HARD TO TELL YOUR BEST FRIEND HOW YOU REALLY FEEL FAR LESS A ROOMFUL OF STRANGERS!

You just drink too much sometimes and want a drink when everyone else has had enough and wants to go home. You want to have some control. Now for the bad news when you might stop reading and feel angry and frustrated.


I would like a penny for every person who has tried to control their alcohol intake and failed! The truth of the matter is that alcohol is a strong force when allowed into the body and will rule and ruin your life but eventually will shrivel up and die if you can say no and mean no.

So what can you do?

Well, deciding that drinking alcohol holds no benefit for you at all. NONE!

So do yourself a favour and get your hands on Liz Hemingway's brilliant book entitled 


Sit down and really read it. Take it in and free yourself from your living nightmare.

For ongoing, free support why not google LifeRing and gain strength and support in your battle. 






I Need To Stop Drinking!

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I Need To Stop Drinking!
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