Anyone who is drinking heavily and is addicted to alcohol is probably also suffering from some level of depression. This tends to go hand in hand with alcoholism and some people get into debates and arguments over which came first: the drinking or the depression. Did the depression drive the person to drink like an alcoholic? Or did the alcoholism cause the person to become depressed? Turns out that it does not much matter and the solution remains the same at any rate: you have to stop drinking if you are going to have any sort of chance of dealing with the depression. Abstinence precludes depression treatment. To try to do otherwise is missing the point and you will continue to depress both the mind and the body if you keep dumping booze down your throat every day.

So the solution is to stop drinking in order to make progress. But how can someone do this if they are truly depressed? It is a fine line that much be reached and what typically happens is that the alcoholic must reach a point of surrender. It is a dangerous point to be reached because they must basically abandon all hope for themselves. They will be miserable and utterly defeated by their own drinking in order to become ready and willing to try a new solution. This state of being can be described by almost any alcoholic who has gone through the transformation into recovery. They can look back, tell their story, and tell of how they made it through this alcohol depression by the skin of their teeth by finally coming to a point of surrender. They will almost always speak of thoughts of suicide when telling their story as well, because they have to come to this point where they have abandoned all hope for themselves. If they do not reach this point, then they are not miserable enough to quit drinking and they will continue on with their life of chaos. It is only after they have gone through enough pain and misery that they can be broken down to a point where they are no longer afraid of change. The willingness to change must be beaten out of them by their own misery and drinking.

So it does little good to try and deal with your depression if you are still drinking alcohol, even if you have cut back or are attempting to control it. The only real solution is to stop drinking entirely and find a new way to live. This can only be done after reaching a state of total and complete surrender. The alcoholic must reach this point and abandon their self in order to be rebuilt as a new person. This is the transformation that can start the road to healing. This is the point of surrender that opens the door to treating depression properly.