Stop Female Hair Loss Now

Here are many ways to stop female hair loss right now so you need not to worry too much. If you have been losing some hair then as a women it can be a very worrying and stressful experience. Often the stress of the experience leads to further hair loss and you're in a catch 22 situation. Firstly, you need to relax about the situation. You will be surprised to know that many women suffer from some form of hair loss at some point in their lives. Obviously women don't like to share this with other women so therefore you might feel like you're the only one it has happened to. Research has found that most women will know at least 2 other women it's happened to. So you are definitely not alone. The more you relax about the situation then the more likely that hair loss will stop naturally anyway. So it is important you try not to let it get to you as much as possible.

There are many female hair loss products that are totally worth checking out. You will be surprised at some of the good reviews that some women have given to some products that have worked well for them. They normally come in the form of a lotion or a pill so which ever sounds best to you. With the best products you can normally expect to see results within 6-8 weeks.

You need to make sure you are eating well. If you eat less then 1200 calories a day this can trigger hair loss. Crash dieting or similar is not a good way to go as your health all round will get worse. There is also such thing as having too many vitamins. Its been proven that having too much vitamin A is related to hair loss in women. Try and keep your limit to 2330 IU daily.

Make sure you are taking in enough iron. If your not then increase your iron intake. Many people think that you only really need to increase iron intake if your anaemic however a low iron count will cause hair loss too as the hair will get weak and break much easier.

You should also use a protein conditioner when washing your hair. This will increase your hair strength, also remember to use a blow dryer as rubbing the scalp with a towel can often cause breaking too. Remember to try and have your hair down as much as possible. Save having your hair up for special occasions only. Ponytail holders and headbands can help to tip your hair out of your scalp and will cause hair loss.

Take good care of your hair and perhaps use some Kenra Hair products to keep your hair looking healthy.