You really can stop foreclosure and save your home. The law is actually on your side on this one, and you may be able to keep your house without the use of an attorney. Federal mandate that lenders must work with you. The lender must attempt to work out a repayment plan before they can take your house. This is your opportunity to stop foreclosure and save your house! Here's how to save your home.

The most important thing you can do to stop foreclosure and save your home is communicate with your bank. While the law is on your side, the requirements aren't that strict on the lender. When they send you those little mailings about your past due balances, warning of imminent action, it may be enough. Still, if you communicate with your bank and tell them of your financial situation, you may be able to keep your house. Try to talk to the lender to stop foreclosure and save your home. You may be able to end the process. You can also see a sample hardship letter that may save your house. 

Look into the possibility of working with your bank for a short sale.  A short sale is where you and the bank agree that the home can be sold for less than is currently owed on the mortgage.  Short sales may or may not require you to pay the difference, depending on what you work out with the lender.  Short sales may be what you are looking for.

Ask your bank for a temporary adjustment to your mortgage, so you can stop foreclosure and save your home. You may be able to keep your house by doing this. If you show good faith, the pending court case may go in your favor. This really can work. Ask to make interest only payments, or ask to have the late payments and fees rolled back into the mortgage, so you can start out fresh. It's worth a shot. You may be able to stop the foreclosure process and save your home. There are some other ways to get financial help to stop foreclosure.

How can you stop foreclosure and save your house when you don't have enough money to pay off the past due balance? Try getting a loan that's large enough to cover the arrears on the house. There are many high risk lenders out there, so give it a shot. Your best bet is likely online lenders. While you'll pay a high interest rate, you may be able to stop foreclosure and keep your house. It's your home, so you must try to stop the foreclosure process. You can try to negotiate a high risk mortgage refi to buy more time, so you can stop foreclosure and keep you house.

Check into government help programs for homeowners.  There are some legit programs out there.  HUD, the Housind and Urban Development program can be a big help.   A newer program, EHLP, Emergency Homeowner Loan Program offers no interest loans from the government.  It's designed for those that have suffered a substantial income loss.  This bridgeable loan can help you keep your home.

There will be court hearing during the process, don't miss it. This is a great time to save your home and stop the foreclosure process. Explain your situation to the judge and ask for more time. The judge will often side with the little guy on these types of cases, especially if you've shown a willingness to work with the lender. Your house may still be your own.

You may be able to prioritize your debt to save your home and stop foreclosure. A mortgage is secured debt. This basically means that the collateral is the item you took the loan out for, in this case, the house. Unsecured debt, like credit cards, works a little different. That's not to say that bad things won't happen if you don't pay off your unsecured debt, but at least you'll buy some time. By freeing up money for other unsecured bills will allow you to pay off the mortgage fees. You may be able to stop foreclosure and save your home this way.

It may be wise to consider legal help, as this is a legal matter. There are attorneys that specialize in saving homes that can stop foreclosure. This can be expensive, but at least you'll have a house to live in. Many lawyers will offer a free initial consultation to review your case. It's worth meeting with them, there's a lot of red tape. The attorney will be able to offer you some advice, even if they don't take on the case. There's nothing wrong with a little free legal advice, especially when you can use it to stop foreclosure. You just may be able to save your home.

If not successful, you may want know how long until you can buy a new house after losing yours.