It astounds me that people still buy into ridiculous internet scams. The internet has become a place filled with unscrupulous people selling meaningless products just to make a buck. It is impossible to count the so-called informational articles that are posted all over the web. You can easily tell that they are scams. How you ask? If the article has a link to purchase the product discussed, it is a scam!

The law requires that a legitimate review of ANY product must disclose the following:

The person reviewing the product must disclose how they received the product that they are reviewing. Did they purchase it or did they receive it for free from the company? The FTC law states the person writing the review must disclose the information in the article.

Any article that does not disclose this information, is in violation of the law. If the author of the article is not willing to disclose their relationship with the product, IT IS A SCAM!!

Thousands of people are ripped-off by these so-called "informational articles". If you search the internet for information and you come across ANY page that has a link to purchase the product that is discussed in the article, CLOSE THE PAGE AND MOVE ON.

These are just people that have signed up as affiliates for companies that are selling worthless products on the internet. These people are the equivalent of used car salesmen of the 80's.

I write web content and I know these people are not actual writers. Why? Because they pay website content providers to write the articles. When they ask for reviews to be written, they ALWAYS stipulate the review must be positive. Which means it is not an honest review and the person writing the article is simply searching Google for information on the product. They do not actually try the product.

How are people getting around the law? By submitting an article that is "informational". They write the article as if they are providing a public service by providing information. It is a sales pitch and nothing more.

If you are looking for honest and real information avoid pages that are selling anything within the body of the article through a link. You cannot rely on the accuracy and truth of the information that is provided.