Remember . . . your vehicle is a heavy-duty machine.

I wish I've witnessed an impatient driver honk indiscriminately at a person. How about honking at anything that is in the way? It is possible that a domestic animal walks across a street too slowly for a driver. I think it would be fun to see others react strongly when their progress on the road is impeded.

I Honked, Oh my God!!

All year long during the year 2010, I've never honked while I was driving. Actually, I was very close to achieve that. I honked someone sometime in November for a long period of time (one minute). That person was not moving his car for a long time. I've figured the person wasn't sure which way to go. Thus, I honked without keeping my left hand off the car horn. The person I honked at isn't young. He didn't look like a young. He probably has 10 to 15 years to go to be considered an elderly. Thus, I better be more patient and graciously in 2011 and not honk at elderly people.

That Pedestrian Deserved it

I've honked at a pedestrian before. That happened about 5 to 6 years ago. I wanted to hurry up and turn left before the stop light became red. It would be red for a long time. I couldn't believe the guy was walking in front of my car to get to the sidewalk. He was jaywalking, but he definitely didn't deserve to be honked at. At the time, I should have patience.

Go on a Recon Mission and Always Be Gracious

In my opinion whenever someone doesn't know what decision to make when behind the wheel, the person should scout the area first to check which driving manuever should be made. People should be grateful that they are capable to drive. They should not take for granted for being able to have some freedom that comes with driving a car.

My Resolution for 2011

My goal for 2011 that is centering around driving in the United States is do not honk due to myself being impatient. I think it is reasonable to honk to alert other drivers. Honking can be seen as a way of communicating. A problem I would foresee with it is the other driver may not be able to find why another driver honked. That could lead the situation to be more dangerous as the driver could possibly be confused. Nevertheless, people should honk as an attempt to do something good.

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