Online Job Searching

The Internet is a wonderful place. It has increased our ability to be efficient in our business lives, and improved our personal lives too. The one place people feel it may have hindered them is in finding a job.

The Broadband Revolution

Broadband has meant that just about everything we want to find online these days is found over the Internet. Even those that don’t have the best broadband deals are able to stream standard definition movies. Therefore hunting for a job is no problem with their connections. This has made the world a more competitive place, because everyone can find every job.

The Cluttered Job Market

When we are looking for a job there are sometimes hundreds of people that have already applied for what we’re looking at. Getting yourself found in this environment is almost impossible, especially if you are less than a perfect match for the role. This makes it even more vital than ever that you go about the process in a strategic and sensible way.

Let’s take a look at some top tips to help you find a job, and then get that job.

Select the Websites You Use

There are thousands and thousands of job sites available online. You don’t need to use all of them, and should be selecting a few general ones and a few niche job boards.

Define Your Searches

It’s good to start fairly broad in your job search, so that you can get a handle on what it is you want to do. But sooner or later you need to be narrowing your search both by job type, and by geography, so that you are focusing in on the jobs that you can actually apply for. Use sensible keywords and develop the search strings that you use in order to find the jobs that match your search criteria.

Utilise Alerts and Email Updates

It’s a great idea to set up your criteria and then have jobs sent you by email, and even by text message. This means you can be the first to apply, and can get in quick while the jobs are still hot. It also means you will not miss jobs that could be perfect for you.

Remain Focused In Your Search

There is absolutely no point in applying to jobs that you are not qualified for. Ensure that you understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required for the jobs that you apply for before you invest the time and emotional energy into applying for them.

Avoid Dodgy Listings

There are listings up on job sites that are dubious, to say the least. Some may need you to pay a registration fee; others require your personal details such as your national insurance number to apply. Some of them are scams. Make sure you are aware of this as you search some of the websites.

Develop a Custom Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the window into your CV. You should develop a template for a custom cover letter. Then you should amend it for each different job. Some jobs may require a totally fresh cover letter and therefore you may need to start from scratch. A good cover letter will tell the recruiter why you can do the job, why you want to do the job, and why you should be called for interview.

Improve Your CV

Most CV’s these days are focused on what the individuals have done. They should be focused on what they have achieved. The CV will not only get you the job interview, but it will be the first thing talked through in interview. First impressions count and the CV will ensure that you get talking about the right things. Also ensure that you post your CV to the relevant job sites, so that you can have people find you.

Research… Research… Research

The time taken to research the company can be worth a fortune in the long run. By jumping onto the company website, finding out about their products and services, and reading their news, you will set yourself apart from the majority of the other applicants.

This information can feed into your cover letter, and also help you tailor your CV for the job you are looking for. The research will also help you down the line when it comes to the interview. Make sure you research, research, research.

A Note on Linkedin

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful networking website. When you’re looking for jobs you can find companies on LinkedIn in order to start your search. However, perhaps the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn in your job search, is the ability to find people.

If you are applying for a sales manager job in a particular company, you can find the regional manager in order to get in touch directly. This will demonstrate your keen research skills, and definitely set you apart from the rest.

Who would you prefer to employ: the person that applies generally through an advert; or the person that takes a proactive approach and finds their future line manager over the Internet. I know who I would choose.

Summing Up

Nowadays some jobs can only be applied for online so it’s well worth you getting a broadband connection if you don’t already have one. For effective job searching broadband is not just an option, it is an unavoidable expense. Living without broadband these days and trying to do things without the Internet, is like taking a horse and cart to work. Get with the times, and get the job you’re looking for. You will be amazed at the results you get if you get your CV right and you go about things strategically.

If your methods have worked up to this point then it’s time to change. As Einstein said, the definition of madness is continuing to do the same things and expecting different results.

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