The absolute best revenue sharing website does not exist. There are some websites which are overall better than others but among the good ones, they all have advantages and disadvantages.

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Which one is best for you depends on the type of articles you write, whether the social aspect of the platform is important to you, etc... So, don't look for the overall best website, but have a look at their differences and decide which fits you best.

1. For Informational Articles

For informational articles, I would recommend InfoBarrel and Seekyt. InfoBarrel is incredibly generous as if you keep submitting content and take the time to make your articles enter the monthly contest, you can get up to 90% of Adsense share. I am not exaggerating, really 90%.

InfoBarrel is also great because of its community, its active forum, the improvements the admins are making all the time (no more need for an Adsense account, Amazon modules available and no more limitation to 2 Amazon links, ...).

This was my first web 2.0 site and I think I was lucky to start with it. I may have given up, had I started with another website.

Seekyt is already very different. Also very good for informational articles and optimized a lot for CTR (click through rate). This site has been focussed til now to efficiency, so no real forum (where you could spend too much time on), no way to save a draft article (to incite you to finish it), etc... 

The social aspect of the site is now getting bigger as its community is getting more active (promoting others' articles, writing challenges, etc...). The admin at Seekyt is also very responsive and provides writers with SEO guides (keywords, backlink, etc...). Seekyt offers 70% ads share which is better than many other websites but inferior to InfoBarrel

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need a Google Adsense account for Seekyt, while you don't need one for InfoBarrel. Again, Seekyt is focusing on people a bit more serious about making money online and those people should have their blogs, Adsense account, etc...

If you are a newcomer, I would probably recommend InfoBarrel, if you are more advanced, you could try Seekyt.

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2. For Sales Articles

If you like to write product reviews, "top 10" product-lists, etc... you could still use InfoBarrel or Seekyt, but I believe Squidoo and Zujava to be a bit better for it.

Why? These two websites use a ranking system, which means articles get paid according to their ranking and guess what, sales have some influence on the ranking of the articles. This is why informational articles have a hard time on these sites but why sales articles are doing so great.

To give you an example, if you write an article that has 100 views but 0 sales and I have an article with 50 views and 50 sales, my article may rank better than yours and get a better share of the ads revenue (in addition to the money I am making with sales). Kind of a double benefit for me and a little bit unfair for you (because you are bringing more people to see ads than me and yet may get less ads money than me).

Between Squidoo and Zujava, it is hard to say which is better. Squidoo is bigger, paying more right now BUT Zujava is more considerate of the writers (especially recently, many writers have left Squidoo because they were being ignored) and Zujava is pretty good with the social aspect too. They have started a mentoring program which help newcomers learn to make better articles.

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3. What if You Like to Write Both?

What if you like to write both informational and sales articles and that you only want to choose one website?

Well, then, it still depends on your style. If you write a lot of articles all the time, InfoBarrel is best as the more articles you write, the more revenue you get per article (you need to submit them for the monthly challenge).

If you would rather have a limited number of articles but like to update them all the time with new information, Squidoo is probably the best, as this platforms really likes updates. Another good thing about Squidoo is that they have quests, levels, points, etc... that can make it more fun at the beginning to write articles (I really liked the challenge of leveling up when I started but now, I really couldn't care less about my Squidoo level).

If you are a bit lazy, don't write new articles, don't update the existing ones, Zujava is a good option, as every articles qualify for Tier 3 (contrary to Squidoo for articles over 85000).

If you see you are spending too much time on forums, have too many draft articles, and don't manage to write enough articles, then, Seekyt is probably best for you.

4. Why not Write for Several Sites?

When I started at InfoBarrel, I was really surprised that people could openly speak about other writing platforms. Weren't they competitors to InfoBarrel? Was it fine for people to refer writers to other platforms?

The fact is that most writers write for several platforms, probably because there has been problems in the past for authors focusing on only one revenue sharing website (for example eHow, or more recently if someone only had Squidoo lenses and got many of them locked) but also for diversity purposes, to interlink articles across platforms, to get to know more writer communities, etc...

If you are a newcomer, you may get lost with so many platforms everywhere, but little by little, don't hesitate to join one more platform. This does not mean you will stop writing for current websites you are using, simply that you will also write some articles somewhere else.


There are many more writing platforms, some that I am using myself, but I wanted to show you that already with 4 revenue sharing websites, it is difficult to choose a winner. It all depends on you, your style, your needs, ...

If you use my referral link to join Infobarrel, don't hesitate to send me a private message, I will be more than happy to help you. This is also the case if you join other websites under my referral (or if you just have more questions about them).