Obese Kids

Kids and Obesity

Stop Obesity in Kids

Obesity in kids is at an all time high. Not to mention, that it doesn't look like its going away any time soon. In fact, the chances of it decreasing look slim as long as nobody takes action. One of the first things that will need to happen is getting out of denial and admitting there is a problem.

The obesity in kid's problem is a big one and should be taken seriously. Once the baby fat is supposed to be gone it's time to seek the advice of a doctor or nutritional counselor. Many times it's obvious that the child is over weight, but the parent chooses to not do anything.

One of the major problems is poor parenting skills. They don't know how to stop them from throwing tantrums or whatever and give them food instead of discipline. It's a lot easier to give in than it is to stand ground and enforce rules.

Give them what they want and they will shut up and go away is an easy out. Another issue is that the parents themselves are obese and if they try to change the way the kids eat they will have to do it too. So, the issue escalates until someone ends up in the hospital.

The parent has to set the example if the family is to get out of the obesity cycle. The kids certainly can't do it, so who else is there? After all, the parents are the ones who buy the food and should control what they're eating as well as the kidsTo stop obesity in kids then the parents first and foremost need good parenting skills. They also must set a healthy eating lifestyle pattern for their kids to follow. Another issue is making sure the kids have enough exercise or activity.

If the kids are in front of the TV day and night it's time to either make them go out and play or enroll them in karate or some other activity that will get them moving. I had this issue with my daughter when she was five, so I put her in gymnastics and dance class. As a result, her excess weight came off within 2 months.

Eating out is a also a problem. All you need do is look at the large portions and you will see why obesity in kids is out of hand. Not to mention, the ever popular buffets where you can eat all you want.

Of course, unless the entire family is on board a balance will never be achieved. Once again this is the job of parents to ensure that healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle that the entire family partakes in on a daily basis.

One thing is for sure and that is if action isn't taken by the parents obesity in kids will continue to rise. The ball is in their court and they need to step up their game.