We get hit by tons of emails everyday. You need a good virus software program will help stop most of the phishing scams.The one thing that takes time for many of us is figuring out what is spam and what is not, deleting spam and hoping that we are not losing messages that we need. If you open up a unsolicited email can also download a spyware virus into your computer or laptop.

You can lose complete control over your computer once spyware has been installed. The spyware can cause your browser to crash and many unauthorized changes to your computer.
Most email companies likeYahoo,Gmail,Hotmail have filters built in to stop spyware and spam emails.

Another one of the largest email scams is when you get something like this "Question from eBay Member about item" You need to be very careful this is a scam email, "You should not open that email" If you do open it they will take you to a web page that looks like an eBay page but is a phishing site to give out your personal information. They will press you for an eBay password and make threats about negative feed back so don't do it.

Pay pal is another site that scammers try to duplicate, you will received emails asking you to pay for a product or service through paypal, this is the same they take you to a fake site and want your personal information. Do not open emails asking for your credit information or emails that look like your bank sent them to you.Do not give out your credit card numbers unless your on a secure site that you have purchased from before or know is safe.

Sure we want spam to stop. Nobody wants their e-mail address going from spammer to scammer. One big question is can we or is it possible to stop spam and phishing scams. Emotions are what the new phishers are hoping to create as they try and make you think something bad will happen to your credit or your account will be cancelled.

With these simple and quick tips and common sense you should be able to identify the majority of scam and phishing emails. If in doubt or you don't recognize who it's from just delete it. There are many anti virus ,spyware software programs available.