Your intuition is always there for you trying to guide you in making the best decisions for yourself. You have to pay attention to that intuition of yours because if you do it will allow you to reach new heights and become the best you can be... Let me give you an example.


Here's an example from a recent experience I just had. I had a quiz coming up in 2 days and I got some studying done. I had spent nearly 4 hours studying although my goal for the day was to study about 8 hours so I was half way there... Well, I got overly confident and proud of all the work I already did that I stopped studying and began procrastinating. We all do this. I'm sure you do this too. I downloaded an audio book and began to listen to it. Then I wrote an article but the whole time, I had this gnawing feeling in the background. It was worry and guilt for not studying more and preparing better for my quiz. We all feel it when we procrastinate. Whether you need to get back to work or to studying or whatever... those little feelings of worry and guilt are trying to tell you something. They're trying to say: "get back to work!". You already know you should get back to it but why don't you do it? Because you have learned to ignore your intuition and to ignore your gut feeling. That's why the main point I'm trying to make in this article is that you must begin to listen very carefully to your intuition. If your gut feeling is that you need to study a little more or work a little harder, do it! Don't ignore this powerful tool you have that we call intuition.


If you begin to listen to all those little intuitive nudges you get in life, you'll reach your goals and your dreams a lot faster. Otherwise, you may never even have the chance to reach the life of your dreams. It's crucial for you to pay attention to what your mind is trying to tell you and to take some massive action on this.


There are of course ways you can improve your intuition and there are many reasons why it would be in your best interest to do so. One of the best ways I know of to improve your intuition is to begin to meditate every single day. It's really good for you too. The second best way I know of to improve your intuition is journaling and I highly recommend it. Every day, do a session of writing where you just write what comes to your mind. Give your thoughts life on paper and you'll be surprised at what you uncover. If you do this for 20 minutes straight, you'll end up writing things that were in the back of your mind but that you were ignoring altogether. These are important things that you will now know you should pay more attention to. Make an effort to work on the issues you have uncovered through your writing and meditation. One last piece of advice from me to you is for you to consider getting some therapy. Talking to a psychologist can really help you deal with past traumas and it will help you grow and become a better person. I can almost guarantee it. If you're interested in your own personal growth, these are 3 things you should seriously consider and even better: do them!

As for my story? What happened? Well, I got back to studying like I knew I should and I ended up acing that quiz. I actually got an A+ and I'm really glad I put in the extra effort.


Moral of the story: listen to your intuition!

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