All puppies tend to bite since they are actually teething but biting a person is not acceptable since it is a habit that is often hard to break.

As the puppy gets older it will think biting is an acceptable means of communicating which leads to more serious issues. Stop the puppy from biting when it first starts this behavior. These tips will help stop puppy biting.

To stop puppy biting takes a conscience effort every time it places its teeth on the flesh at any point. Take a hint from how other dogs communicate with each other.

They make a high pitch noise to get the puppys attention to tell them in no certain words that biting is not going to be tolerated. Make a squeaking noise to get the puppys attention when it starts to bite.

Repeat this sound each time the puppy bites. The sound made is to be similar to the sounds other dogs give since dogs understand the sounds of nature better than human words.

For some puppies that are known to be more aggressive the sound will not stop them from biting. They naturally will want to show they are aggressive. That is when a slight quick slap to the nose with the noise will make the point to the puppy.

The puppys nose is quite sensitive with many nerves so do not strike the puppy too hard just hard enough to get its attention and to make the point you are the leader of the pack.

Do not start any type of game with the puppy that encourages the biting. Many people fail in this area. They want to allow the puppy to "play bite" but the puppy will not be able to know the difference so you will only confuse the poor thing.

Avoid allowing the puppy to chew on you even if the chewing is gentle. No teeth are to make contact with human flesh at any time.

Another method to stop the puppy from biting is to hold the puppys mouth shut gently when it is biting. Do this for about fifteen seconds. As you are holding the puppys mouth shut talk in a soothing comforting voice and say "no bite" to make a point to the puppy why you are holding the mouth shut.

After the fifteen seconds release the mouth and say "good puppy". Pat the puppys head and walk away. After a few times of this happening the puppy will understand that biting results in the mouth being held shut.

Always speak calmly and soothingly to the puppy when disciplining the puppy. The puppy will hear the tone of voice that is comforting and learn to obey to kind words without the screaming or shouting many people end up doing to their dogs.

The best way to get the puppy's attention is with kindness and love. Show them they act properly and they will thrive on the loving response for the good behavior. These tips should help you stop puppy biting.