Getting Started to Write

So you want to be a freelance writer. So you bought a lot of books about freelance writing. Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul. Freelance Writing for Dummies. Writer's Digest. In fact you bought so many that you were able to build a mini-library. Of nothing but freelance writing books. And let's not forget your collection of Writer's Digest, Poetry, and Poets & Writers magazines. You have stacks after stacks of them. And more stacks will be built in the coming months as your new issues arrive.

You read and read and read some more. Every book. Every tip. Every advice. Every article. Every column. Every word. Even the ads at the back of the magazines, you do not let them pass. You go as far as copying the website URLs on the articles and ads and visiting every single one of them hoping to stumble upon an opportunity, an opening, a chance to make it big as a spinner of freelance-conceived writing.

You are not contented with what you read in the books nor magazines. So you always make a list of all the names of the book authors as well as of the magazine columnists. You diligently search for them on Google. You visit their websites and blogs. Read every blog post they write. Listen to every podcast they record. Watch every video they shoot. And buy every ebook they put out. You start following them on Twitter. You invite them to become your friends on Facebook. It makes you very happy when they confirm your invitations. You literally jump with joy.

Days pass. Weeks. Months. New editions of the freelance writing books you've already read are coming out in a few weeks. You order your advance copies. You are very excited and can't wait to get your hands on them. The writing magazines of which you are a subscriber also keep arriving in the mail. As always, you read them from cover to cover. Even the ads. You make another list of authors and website URLs.

While going through your bookmarks of writer blogs, you come across a blog post about writing on a site called Squidoo and making hundreds of dollars a month from it. Wow, you say. That's so cool, you further say. So you read about the success stories of the writers on Squidoo. They call themselves lensmasters. You drool even more as you learn about how they reap dollars after dollars from their works on Squidoo. Then you come across a lensmaster who claims Squidoo is not his only money-making machine. There is another site called InfoBarrel where he actually makes even more moolah. WOW in capital letters, you say. So you immediately visit InfoBarrel and read again about the writers making tons of cash there. They have a section where they feature success stories. You read them all in one seating. Wow, you say again, these people are making a lot of money off their writings. Cool.

As you read the success story of a certain InfoBarrel writer, he mentions that aside from InfoBarrel, he also writes for other sites like Bukisa and Triond and Wizzley so you visited.....SERIOUSLY....stop reading and start writing.