Many people have problems regarding rosacea. In my circle of friends, one has rosacea. The good thing about this is that she was fortunate enough to have friends who were all very supportive of her condition. Instead of teasing her, we find ways to help her cope up with stress, watch her and remind her of her triggers, and protect her from those who make fun of her. Because of this shower of love and support, she was able to avoid rosacea flare-ups. She is indeed on lucky girl. But what about those who don't have this kind of friends? It is true that there is no cure for rosacea but there are things you can do to prevent it from attacking. In this article, you will learn how to stop rosacea in four natural ways namely:

  1. Identify your rosacea triggers
  2. Take care and nourish your skin
  3. Learn to avoid stress
  4. Reduce factors that can set off rosacea

Unfortunately, you cannot cure rosacea. But you can do the ways mentioned above to manage rosacea.

First way is to identify your triggers. My tip is to keep a journal of your triggers. If you have come across one that caused you flare-ups, immediately jot it down your journal so you may not forget about this. Record what you ate, what you were drinking, the weather, medication, or period during your rosacea attack. Identifying triggers will bring you a step closer to managing rosacea. There are different triggers for every person so it is very important that you know and remember yours.

Second is to check your skin care regimen. Stay away from anything that has scents, alcohol, or anything that is abrasive. Never go out of your house without putting on sunscreen. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep your skin hydrated. Also, the key here is to choosing your skin care products carefully.

Learn to avoid stress. I suggest taking stress management classes, yoga and learn about breath control techniques. To keep your mind off stress, you can do recreational activities such as handicraft or any hobbies.

Aside from food triggers, there are also other factors that cause rosacea flare ups. Examples are coffee, excessive sugar intake, alcohol, and spicy foods and drinks. In some, too much heat or exposure from the sun gets their rosacea to act up. Extreme weather conditions can cause this as well. Too many to remember? As I said, jot down everything you need to remember so you can take note everything that should be avoided.

How to stop rosacea through natural ways is no biggie, right? Just keep everything in mind as recklessness will only cause you more trouble. Be disciplined and manage your rosacea before your condition progresses to a higher stage. It is also important to consult your doctor before taking in or applying any medications. Honestly, there is more to learn about how to stop rosacea. Just go online and look for online resources. Take your pick from a variety of websites, support groups, and forums. Hang in there, friend. I know you can make it through. Feel free to share this article to anyone you know who also has this problem. Take care and be well.