If you have failed many times before when attempting to stop smoking, your experiences probably holds those times where the symptoms of withdrawal were largely too much to withstand or those cigarette cravings were way too difficult to avoid.  These instances happen often when you use the assistance of nicotine patches and gums.

People quit smoking in many different ways but there are some people that just can’t quit whatsoever.  Except for doing it “cold turkey”, one of the best ways I have found available comes from all natural sources.  If you look hard enough, you can find patches to quit smoking that are all natural and offer no harmful chemicals involved.  They will deliver  imitations for the effects of nicotine even though they don’t allow you to absorb bad chemicals into your system. What this means for you will be not having those symptoms of restlessness, fatigue, tenseness, irritability and/or waking while you are attempting to stop smoking.  Another major benefit will be that you can eliminate nicotine from your system while you undergo this method.

You can use this natural patch every day for a month in order to eliminate your desire for smoking.  When the time comes that you do get the urge to smoke a cigarette, this patch will make you detest the usage of tobacco which will therefore eventually eliminate your desire to smoke again.  Doing it this way will be perfectly safe as opposed to other ways but more importantly a great majority of people have seen success.  However, success will vary depending on the user.

Using natural sourced patches to quit smoking have the major benefit of not causing any side effects.  When you do attempt to smoke while you have this treatment, you can experience dizziness and nausea which will help remove your habit of smoking.  This is a design feature and not a side effect.  Additionally, this natural way will be successful for attempting to quit other forms of nicotine like chewing tobacco.

Not everyone can stop smoking just by willing themselves to do so.  I have found that it is of a great benefit to have a natural means of kicking the habit once and for all.  In these times of making it illegal to smoke in all public areas like workplaces, restaurants, bars, etc., smokers have become second-class citizens.  There is no better time to get your self more healthy than now by eliminating that smoking habit.