Hypnotherapy is a a relatively new method people are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. With this method ideas are programmed into the patients mind by a hypnotherapist or an audio recording of a hypnotherapist. This is becoming popular because it is very convenient. While it may be extremely difficult for some people to stop smoking, for a variety of reasons, a stop smoking hypnotherapy CD or session with a trained hypnotherapist can help you condition your mind to remove this damaging habit.

There are several different methods and a many many people who gives hypnotherapy sessions and cell hypnotherapy CDs, tapes, MP3s, and DVDs. It is wise to do research to find the one that you believe will work for you. If you cannot find anything local there are plenty of places that sell these products online.

Hypnosis is a method used to create a state of mind in the viewer where ideas can penetrate their subconscious easily. The best state of mind is usually a relaxed yet alert state. Once you have entered this state it is easy for a hypnotherapist, either in person or through a tape, to insert ideas in your head about smoking. These ideas will usually relate smoking to something like nausea. Most people already associate smoking to things such as pleasure or relaxation. Hypnosis helps by breaking these associations so the patient can then get over the psychological aspects of their addiction easier.

The physical addiction to the nicotine in the cigarettes is relatively easy to defeat. Most studies have shown that the nicotine can be completely out of the system within as a little as three days, however it can take as long as 10 days for some people.

Because most people are so desperate when searching for methods to quit smoking many companies have created medications and other products to help people get over their addictions. These usually fail to see the basic problem that is keeping people smoking. Most people have a psychological addiction to cigarettes not a physical one, and these are the result of emotional or mental problems. Stop smoking hypnotherapy methods help people deal with these problems.

If you are a smoker and you have tried to quit many times but can't seem to break the addiction then you should definitely put some serious consideration into stop smoking hypnotherapy methods. It may be important to still use patches or gums along side the stop smoking hypnosis to help you deal with the physical addiction. However with the help of the hypnosis some people will find they can do it entirely on their own now.