Many of us naively belief that we can stop smoking without any effort. But the fact is smoking is a strong addiction which requires a tremendous amount discipline and determination and will power to stop. Stopping smoking permanently is that as easy as lighting or not lighting a cigarette. That is why we fail in all of our new year resolutions. You cannot just smoke your last cigarette at the 23:59 hours 31st December and quit smoking from the next minute.

There are, I think, four types of smokers; occasional smokers, social smokers, habitual smokers, and addicts. While occasional smokers who smoke a few cigarettes very week can quit smoking whenever they want to, addicts has to win a war against cigarette. Social smokers are almost extinct due to the ban of smoking in many places while habitual smokers, I know, are not addicts because I never saw them crave for a cigarette even though they smoke five to ten cigarettes per day. Quitting smoking is not a difficult task to these people and the addiction is not very strong for them. These are the people who quit without any aids.

Quitting is very difficult for addicts and addiction is an "excessive psychological dependence" and the all the three words which describes addiction make it very hard to get rid of it. For an addict smoking gets intertwined into the fabric of his life so strongly that it is very difficult to remove every strand easily. They anchor smoking everything they do from relieving themselves in the morning to reading newspaper to watching TV to drinking coffee to working. They need a cigarette in hand to do any of their daily activities.

They also anchor smoking to all types of emotional states from boredom to anger to joy to sadness to leisure etc. This psychological and physical anchoring makes smoking the most difficult addiction to quit. For this reason, you need to have a grand plan to quit smoking. You may use aid like electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches, pills, hypnosis or any other aid. You may quit cold turkey. You may take an experts help. In all these methods, you have to plan for a long period of war.

The strength of smoking addiction differs. Some addicts are chain smokers some are not. Some get severe withdrawal symptoms some don't. Some smoke immediately out of bed in the morning but only with morning coffee. I am addict for the last 25 years and smoking is what I do first thing in morning and last in the evening but when every I tried to quit and had a little success for a couple of weeks, I never suffered from withdrawal symptoms. So the plan you need to develop depends on your personality, how strong you are addicted and what are the withdrawal symptoms.

I am trying blogging about stopping smoking, participating in a quit smoking forum, started yoga and meditation and stopped junk food as a plan to quit smoking. You plan your own way but remember it should be a big way.