Why are you looking for a stop smoking shot? Is it because you have tried everything else and failed? Or are you attracted to the reported 70% to 80% success rate for this type of treatment? Or maybe you have not tried to quit smoking yet, but are looking for the best treatment available. Regardless of your rationale, stop smoking shots have helped many smokers to quit their cigarette habit, but so have other treatment modalities. Just because getting an injection helped your buddy who had been smoking for the past 10 years does not mean it will also help you. Not even if both of you started smoking at the same time. On the other hand, the same jab might work even better on you. How do you know?

There are two main criteria for a stop smoking shot to help you quit smoking:

  • Motivation; and
  • Addiction


Without motivation, nothing gets done. Do you really want to stop smoking cigarettes? Do you have a reason that you can feel right in your gut? Or is your wish to quit smoking just an intellectual desire? Is the desire to kick your cigarette habit truly your own wish? Or is it something that someone else is pushing you to do? Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to quit smoking?

Those who have a burning desire to quit smoking do not really need the stop smoking shot. However, it can certainly make their life a great deal easier. Depending on the particular medication, a single injection, or a series of injections, could stop the craving for nicotine cold in its tracks. The rest of it - the habitual actions of having a cigarette between the lips, the peer pressure to smoke, etc - thus becomes easily handled by their true desire to stop smoking.

On the other hand, if you do not have a strong desire to quit smoking, no amount of external intervention will help you. Even though you do not feel the craving for nicotine, a lack of strong desire means that peer pressure or stress will easily drive you back to smoke cigarettes. There is no stop smoking aid that will help you.


Are you truly addicted to nicotine? If yes, great! Because that is what a stop smoking jab does for you. It stops the craving you feel for nicotine. That is all it does. So if you are not smoking because of a nicotine addiction, the stop smoking jab is not going to help you quit. This is the same reason why nicotine patches fail.

Just because you smoke half-a-pack of cigarettes a day, or even one or two packs a day, does not mean you have a nicotine addiction. Many people smoke for reasons other than addiction, despite what the media, politicians and other entrenched interests opposing the tobacco companies would have you believe.

Why do I say that? Is it because I am a supporter of these tobacco companies? Hardly. I suffer from asthma. If I smoke, or am forcibly exposed to too much second-hand smoke, I will die. However, unlike many other people, when I see the truth, I will not edit it into a lie just because it makes me feel better. I have worked for bosses who were smokers. I have worked with colleagues who were smokers. And while some of them may truly have been addicted to nicotine, a number of others were not. They smoked for other reasons.

How do I know? Let me describe the case of one of my ex-managers. He was a real estate broker. A real go-getter. Put him in a pub and he can easily finish off half-a-pack of cigarettes. And yet he can be on the go 16 hours everyday, meeting customers and prospects, without touching a cigarette. This man is purely a social smoker. Put him in the right social setting and he can and will smoke. Otherwise he is no more likely to smoke than I am. A stop smoking shot would not help him at all.

Do I hear you say that half-a-pack every once in a while doesn't make someone a smoker? Then let's take the case of two other ex-bosses of mine. They were two out of the three partners running the company I worked for. Both of them were chain smokers. They regularly smoke half-a-pack of cigarettes a day, each. Right until the day we went on an official business trip to one of those free ports where they could buy duty-free cigarettes. For the next two weeks, each of them smoked two packs a day. When the trip ended, they went back to their usual half-pack a day habit with no side effects. They worked as usual, without any unusual irritability or the usual symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. In other words, despite being inveterate chain smokers, they were not really addicted to nicotine. Anyone who can so casually cut down on his smoking habit (by 75% in their case) is not a nicotine addict and will not be helped by a stop smoking shot.

In yet another company I worked for, I had a colleague who needed to go for a smoking break every two or three hours. Our boss kept on piling work on his desk without giving him any additional support. She kept on asking for progress reports. We (both he and I) worked unpaid overtime every Saturday. She did not show her face at the office. On Saturday, my colleague was a non-smoker. Whenever she was not around - on sick leave, clearing her annual leave, or back at HQ - he was not a smoker. Never needed to touch a cigarette at all. Basically, he smoked as a way to handle stress. When the stress went down to a manageable level, he did not need to smoke. A stop smoking shot would not have helped him quit his smoking habit.

So, are you really addicted to nicotine? If yes, then a stop smoking shot may help you. If it is also truly your burning desire to quit smoking, then a stop smoking shot will definitely help you. If not, then save your $400 (depending on the clinic and actual medication) and spend it on something else more useful.