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3 Steps to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Quitting is easy, I’ve done it a thousand times (HAHA)… all kidding aside the goal here is to make a lifestyle change and quit smoking for good, not just for a few days or a week at a time. Some lucky smokers can enjoy cigarettes then suddenly make the decision to quit, put down the pack and walk away and that’s that. Unfortunately it’s not that easy for most smokers. Although we know cigarettes are extremely bad for our bodies, they drain our petty cash, they make us smell like a walking ashtrays, they yellow our teeth, in general they do nothing positive for us in any way, yet we still smoke them. There’s got to be a way to stop and stop for good, Just like any other overwhelming goal, I believe the most effective way to accomplish it is to have a plan and follow through.

Here’s an obvious little eye opener. Take 5 minutes and make a pros and cons list of smoking cigarettes and be honest with yourself, then read it back to yourself, personally I have yet to find something true to put on the pro side.

Don’t quit smoking if it’s not the time for you or if you don’t truly want to quit, if it’s not the right time just enjoy the smoke and when you’re ready this will be here. If however it is the time then read on.

There are three simple yet difficult steps to take in order to become a happy, healthy, extra change having, white toothed non-smoker.

STEP 1 - Break Habit Smoking

If you are like many other smokers there are certain events or times in the day that tempt you to light up. Whether it’s in the morning when you wake up with a cup of coffee, after a meal, a long drive to work, or just a stressful day, these events or activities trigger you to smoke a cigarette. In order to quit you need to identify these “triggers” in your day by day routine and re-learn how to do those things without smoking. First make a list of triggers so you can visualize what you need to work on. Once you know your triggers instead of lighting up immediately after they occur just wait a few extra minutes to light up, next time just wait a few more minutes. This will dissociate smoking from those “triggers” so you won’t be smoking because you did this or that happened, it will simply just be to enjoy a cigarette and fulfill your nicotine craving. The purpose is to break the connection between everyday actions (triggers) and smoking into two separate actions.

STEP 2 - Break The Addiction

I’ll say it right off the bat – quitting smoking takes more than just willpower, aside from the mental addiction and deep rooted habits that make quitting so difficult, smoking is also a physical addiction. It’s powerful stuff. The nicotine in cigarettes actually changes the chemistry in your brain making quitting that much harder. For the second step; breaking the physical addiction, I recommend a medication or substitute. There are 5 typical medications you can choose from; gum, inhaler, patches, lozenges, and nasal spray. These different products will either give you a small dose of nicotine to replace what you would normally get from your cigarette or they will actually act on the receptors in your brain to reduce the cravings. I would definitely go with products approved by the FDA; studies have shown that with the use of an approved medication your chances of successfully quitting DOUBLE. No one medication is the best for everyone, it depends on each individual case, and some have found that using more than just one medication increases your chances of successfully becoming a non-smoker. If one type of medication has worked for you before don’t hesitate to try again. If this is your first time using a medication, experiment with different types and brands to see which one or combinations are most helpful to you.

Step 3 - Support

Although this may sound goofy to some of you who are all-powerful and need no one’s help or support with your problems, support is a big part of quitting. That’s why people trying to quit should tell their friends, family and coworkers and ask for their help. Talk to your family and friends and tell them why your quitting or just simply that you are trying to quit smoking. If possible ask your friends, family and coworkers to avoid smoking around you and not to offer you cigarettes; this can make it a lot easier when people know your intentions and that you really want to succeed in quitting.

I hope this can help you stop smoking yourself to death.

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