Represent an ideaCredit: Spigoo on Flickr’s Creative Commons

Do not attempt to forcefully change the world. Very few people take this enormous responsibility into their hands. Although very honorable, it often fails. Resistance to change is a normal human behavior. This behavior comes into play even when the change is a good one. The best way to avoid that resistance is by taking small steps and make it as passive as possible.

Let's begin by asking why are you trying to change the world? Are you trying to make it a better place? Then why not focus on the people around you? They are the most important thing you in the world to you. Focus on making those closest to you better. Focus on making every group you come in contact with better. Make the world better by simple being here. That's how you make waves. If only 5% of the population try to make every group they come into contact with a little better, the world would see progressively incredible results. This results would be like waves on the ocean, sometimes small and far in between but never-ending. Will Smith once said, "If you are not trying to make someone's life better, then you are wasting your time." Do not try to become an Icon and change the world.

waves of idealsCredit: Spigoo on Flickr’s Creative Commons

 Represent an ideas, their possibilities and share them with those you come into contact with on your daily life so that their actions can slowly represent ideals too. We are all looking for something worthwhile to represent. We just don't like being forced into it.



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You don't have to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company to make the world a better place. This could be a mom with three kids who goes out of her way and spends 5 minutes storytelling moral lessons to kids after school. This will no doubt benefit us all. It can also be a highschool student who puts all his peer's social pressure out of mind, put things aside to make time and help an elderly woman carry her groceries. Seeing things like this warms our hearts and proves us that good honest people exist. It also give us permission to do so ourselves. This creates small waves that with time will improve your community, life, and relationships. If you want a real life example, look for the smart passive income website. The founder is an entrepreneur who had no monetary need to develop a website to help others build themselves from the ground up into financial freedom. Pat Flynn was already living the financial freedom most of us dream of but he had an honest desire to help others make their dreams a reality. That honest desire is what made his brand so popular. All the free content, hard work, and dedication has paid for itself. I want to make clear that I have no association with the website other than a long time fan of his work. His is merely an example of how one guy who goes out of his way to do good can help make waves that will enrich all of our lives.

Society is structured around collaboration which means we should know how to work well with others and help each other to make better versions of ourself. Have you done your kind act for the day? What are you waiting for!?