Eyes are one of the most delicate facial organs of the body. Tear ducts, pupils, eye whites, everything are at risk of getting infected or simply growing worse over time. Sometimes it's caused by aging, but there are plenty of things you can do to stop this process.

Have you noticed your eyesight getting worse over the years?

It could be due to aging, but most of the time there are many other factors involved. For instance, how much are you using your eyes day to day can effect how fast they wear out. You should treat your eyes better and you can find out how with this simple article. Keep reading on if you want to stop your eyes from wearing out!

1) Do you use the computer more than 4-6 hours a day?

If the answer is yes, then you are at a higher risk of eye deterioration.
Did you know that staring at the same illuminated screen for hours can be harmful? You can protest all you like, but it seems common sense that it just isn't natural or healthy. You need to make sure the area around your computer is well illuminated with light. Don't sit in the dark with your computer. Next, you need to make sure the computer screen is more than an arm's length away. If you have problems reading that far, you need to get a bigger screen for sure!


2) Do you watch TV or do life drawing, or activities which involve staring for long periods of time?

If yes, then you need to get a green plant to sit in your room. You can look at this plant from time to time to relax your eyes, around every 5 minutes. I prefer plants because they are green and naturally soothing to look at. If you think it will help you, paint your wall a soft shade of green or blue for your eyes to look at.

3) Avoid heavy make up or creams around the eye.

Did you know that little particles of eyeshadow or glitter or chemicals can seep into your eyes and irritate the pupils? It can also get into the back of your eyes and produce clogging effects. Try to pick make up or creams which do not have glitter or bits in them. Non-powder is also a good choice for those with sensitive eyes. If your tear ducts become clogged, try rinsing them out and switch to a gentler make up or cream.

These tips are not miracles or magical cures. They're basic advice for people who may have forgotten to keep good care of their eyes. Remember, if your eyes are feeling worn out, your first priority is to make sure they are relaxed again!

If you really are having problems with glasses, try other remedies such as using contact lens or get laser eye surgery. Laser surgery does have some risks though so make sure to read up on it first!